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Amazfit GTR Review

First, I would like to clarify that there are two models with two circumference sizes. The one that I have analyzed has a diameter of 47 mm in circumference (not all screens), and another has a diameter of 42 mm with half the battery. The straps of both watches are interchangeable and very easy to put on, so if you don’t like the brown leather strap, you can change it for something else.

The box is covered with a black wrapper where there is a drawing of the watch and some of its most exciting specifications. The barcodes and the recycling, FCC, or European Conformity seals are on the back.

The box dimensions are 11.4 cm long x 11.2 cm wide x 5.3 cm high and with the brand name on the front. When you lift the lid, there is the clock. Next to it, there is a small inscription that says “Move Beautifully” (Move beautifully). I have interpreted it as “that the beauty of the watch should not be sacrificed to have a good autonomy.”

Lifting the clamp of the Amazfit GTR and accessing its compartments from the side, there is the charger and the instruction guide. The guide is in 14 languages, including Spanish, English, Italian, German or Portuguese.

Amazfit GTR Review : Design and Screen

As I have mentioned throughout the article, and from my point of view, this Amazfit GTR is one of the smartwatches with the best aesthetics and design the company has created.

Amazfit has achieved excellent and elegant finishes thanks to the materials used. The sphere is made of aluminum alloys and stainless steel. The strap it comes with is made of brown leather. As you may have seen, despite being very comfortable and showy, I have decided to change it to a black silicone one. Developing sports activities seemed much cleaner to me. These straps are 22mm and can be purchased at any physical store or online. For the 42mm version, the straps are 20mm.

It has 5ATM water protection, which ensures that we can take a shower or even swim with it without fear of it getting damaged. In addition, the screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which provides good shock resistance and prevents it from being scratched.

This 47mm Amazfit GTR has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, achieving a density of pixels per inch 326. High brightness lets you see the clock data even under the midday sun. However, I think that the minimum brightness should be reduced because it can become annoying when we are in bed.

This Amazfit has dimensions of 47.2mm long x 47.2mm wide and a thickness of 10.75mm with a weight of 50 grams. For my taste, it has the correct dimensions; indeed, I am not used to sleeping with watches, and that is probably why it has been a bit uncomfortable for me at bedtime. Some nights, I would wake up and take it off—a screen with adequate size and lower weight than a conventional watch. I think the screen is of high quality and has the correct resolution. In addition, it can be seen with polarized sunglasses without problems.

On the front frame, there are a series of chrome stripes and dots to indicate each hour on the dial. On the right side are a couple of buttons, one towards the top, with red motifs, and another towards the bottom. The upper one will be used to stop activities, and we just have to keep it pressed for a few seconds. The button below can be configured from our smartphone and the Amazfit application to create any shortcut. For example, I took it to start the sport mode; when I pressed it, the 12 activity modes appeared on the screen to directly select the one I wanted at each moment.

In the back and located in the center, in the same way as all smartwatches or quantifying bracelets, is the heart rate sensor. We also find two charging pins and several inscriptions with recycling and European compliance seals.

Amazfit GTR Review : Software

First, I would like to clarify that it is compatible with versions higher than Android 5.0 and iOS 10. We can download the application from the official Google Play Store and the App Store. Despite this, I have not been able to install it from Google Play because it told me that it was incompatible with my smartphone. Seeing that my smartphone is not that old, I had to resort to Apkmirror. This is a repository where many of the developers upload the different versions of Android applications to be able to download the most recent version or even enter app testing programs.

The watch has an operating system ivo own, identical to other smartwatches of the manufacturer. In addition, it has languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian, French, English, German, and Russian.

A couple of months have passed since its presentation, and Amazfit, thanks to its regular updates, has made this 47mm Amazfit GTR a true jewel in terms of performance and autonomy. This watch’s operating system works well, achieving excellent fluidity. A lightness is appreciated when moving from one menu to another and from one activity to another, making us affirm that Amazfit is doing things right.

Despite not being able to respond to notifications from the watch, you will be able to read any notice thanks to its large screen, whether they are WhatsApp, Games, SMS, etc.

It seems that the operating system is focused on the practice of sports activities, and I say this because it has 12 sports modes that are very well optimized. I liked that in the open air, it uses the GPS to calculate the distance traveled or measures your heart rate and selects the optimal range when you are in an activity.

Next, I will put some images of the different exercise modes, and I reiterate my position that the ones I have tried work very well and help to keep a rhythm and control over our body. The only disadvantage I find in this regard, probably because I am used to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, is that when you have an exercise program running, the time does not appear on the screen; only the elapsed time and the pulsations.

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