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Freebuds Pro 2 Ear Review

The aesthetic section of these FreeBuds Pro 2 is not the most original. Once again, Huawei opts for a small mast as in the AirPods Pro, which bears a remarkable similarity in shape. Fortunately, Huawei has added nuances and changes that give it its personality. First, we have a metallic finish that gives it a slightly more premium finish, especially compared to the white model.

In our case, we have been testing the silver blue version, with an appearance that combines directly silver tones with blue elements, such as the pad. Aesthetically, we like it a lot when we have it in our hand or when we look at the charging case, although perhaps for those who prefer something more sober and subtle, we would recommend black. Be that as it may, these FreeBuds Pro 2 have a more contoured finish than the first generation.
The Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 has an AirPods-style design but with a shorter stem and the option of a very striking metallic bluish finish. In addition, they are very comfortable.

It’s not just the brightness that has changed. The new Huawei TWS is now more compact, with a shorter mast than in the AirPods. A very slight change and that at the level of comfort is appreciated. They’re just as light as before (6.1 grams each), but they’re inconspicuous and highly comfortable. We’ve been wearing them for long sessions (as long as their autonomy supports, more of that later), and they feel great without causing any fatigue.
Freebuds Pads

The silicone ear tips are excellent, and we have several sizes in the box. In general, the design of these FreeBuds Pro 2 seems to us to be a success, perhaps with a certain margin of improvement in the subjection. At some point, fooling around, they have dropped on time, but nothing that has not happened to us with other models.


On the mast, we have the touch surface, the sensors, and two of the three external microphones for noise cancellation. The Huawei logo can be seen on it, but the different parts are well integrated, and the final result is quite minimalist. To this is added a better-sealed design, because on this occasion they add IP54 certification of splash resistance.

Freebuds Pro 2 Gestures

The FreeBuds Pro 2 supports gestures, but although the surface is comfortable, it takes a bit to get used to them. Especially the motion of swiping up to change the volume, since it is not as fluid as one could wish. Yes, the gesture of pinching once or twice works well, which in my case, I have to stop a song and move on to the next. These gestures can be customized from the dedicated Huawei application.
Despite its compact size, the gestures work pretty well, and from the application, we can activate or deactivate them. We would have liked them to be more customizable.

Regarding the case, the case of these Huawei headphones is oval and somewhat heavier than that of other models. Still, its design with the same bluish tone is beautiful, it does not get excessively stained with fingerprints, and it shows the Devialet logo next to the Huawei logo.

Charging Case

On the side, so well integrated that you can’t even see it if you don’t look closely, is the pairing button. The interior adds an LED to indicate the state of charge. The criticism perhaps remains that taking the headphones out of the case is not as quick as we would like. First, you have to open the issue quickly. Then, insert your finger under the head and make a small lever. It’s a process that takes a second, and we don’t think it matters much, but other headphones are more comfortable. They have improved compared to the first FreeBuds Pro, but there is still a point for improvement.

A USB C port is added in the lower area to charge them, but this year we also have Qi wireless charging with which we can quickly recharge the case.

Superlative sound quality

With the first generation, we were surprised, and these new FreeBuds Pro 2 raised the bar again. The sound quality of these completely wireless headphones is brutal, to the point that we doubt whether to put them in the best sound category in TWS. Of those I have been able to try, which are many, these would be at the top.

To put these headphones to the test, we have carried out the usual tests, which is still listening to the songs we know best, and we have tested them on all kinds of devices—those songs where we remember the most subtle notes and have enjoyed on different levels. From ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits to ‘Savior’ by rising Against, going through the classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or ‘Master of Puppets.’ We have also tried them with other types of music beyond rock, but less.
Freebuds Pro 2 Ear

The result is exceptional. It is one of those headphones you let friends try who have not had the opportunity to try high-end headphones and are surprised that something so small can sound like this. The FreeBuds Pro 2, with that 11-millimeter driver and the Devialet seal, have made us start to think of Huawei as a brand with a lot to say regarding sound.
We don’t know how much Devialet’s presence has helped, but these FreeBuds Pro 2 offer spectacular sound. With character, well-defined, and a great result in all frequencies.

The rendering of these headphones is excellent. Basses well represented and with enough character; Achieved highs and medium frequencies with much clarity. Perhaps they are guilty of trying to stretch the bass too much, but fortunately, we have an equalizer to compensate for this point if it seems too artificial. I like the calibration that Devialet applies by default.

They are also headphones with enough power, so it is unnecessary to turn the volume to 100%. Logically, they cannot be compared with full headband headphones, but the book is sufficient for their size. With the sound at 80%, we already have a good volume level—something quite relevant since it directly impacts the battery.

User experience: AI Life does its job
Freebuds Design

The software is one of the relevant points of any brand. More if we talk about Huawei, with all its problems related to the Google and Apple ecosystems. There is no need to worry here, as AI Life is available on Android and iOS through Google Play and the App Store.

It is curious to see how the version of the Google store is not the most up-to-date, and Huawei takes the opportunity to offer the latest version from the App Gallery. An update process where when downloading the package, we are sent to its store. The process is simple and does not affect the daily, but how the different brands pull towards their field is noticeable.

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