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Moto G60 Review

The Moto G60 is one of the giant phones that can be found on the market, thanks to its 6.8-inch screen. That does not mean that it is a comprehensive unit but somewhat elongated compared to other phones of its type. In other words, holding and manipulating even with one hand is comfortable.

Not all the benefits of its display end with its dimensions. It is one of the devices that extends the refresh rate from 120 Hz to the mid-range (updates its image 120 times in a second), in addition to having Full HD + resolution, which should already be the standard in this segment.

These specifications are extolled in video playback; the colors displayed by the panel are accurate, and the contrast level is also adequate. In the same way, it is difficult for the so-called “ghost effect” to appear in action content; yes, it is necessary to activate the highest update rate from the general configuration.
Moto G60

The fact that the display is elongated contributes to a pleasing sensation to the eye when reading articles since there is a more outstanding display of information. At night and to protect your eyes, the ideal is to activate the Night Light option from the shortcuts shown in the notification bar.

There’s no stereo sound on the Moto G60. However, its single audio channel pumps out enough power and clarity to save anyone who’s forgotten their headphones at home.

Performance and autonomy

Performance-wise, there aren’t many complaints: the G60 runs productivity and entertainment apps without lag and offers smooth navigation. This is because it incorporates the Snapdragon 732G chip and 6 GB RAM, the same configuration in the Poco X3 NFC.

Its 128 GB factory storage is also enough to download your favorite mobile developments and save your videos and photos.
Moto G60

The reproach comes with the battery. Although its 6,000 mAh capacity is ideal for not needing cables for a couple of days – up to 54 hours, according to Motorola – the problem is precisely when recharging it.

Motorola includes a 20-watt “fast charge” for the Moto G60, so the battery requires 140 minutes to go from 10 to 100 percent of its capacity.

For example, the recently reviewed Realme 7 5G requires less than 60 minutes to get its battery to 100 percent. Of course, its capacity remains at 5,000 mAh.

Motorola needs to evolve on the issue of fast charging, especially with the arrival of more Chinese brands that stand out in this section.

User interface

The Chicago-based firm has been able to distinguish its phones with unique functions, such as activating the camera or the flash as a flashlight with simple gestures, without representing delivering devices saturated with tools.

In this sense, the user interface of the Moto G60 feels clean and intuitive, ready for the owner to make design and performance modifications.
Moto G60

As if that were not enough, it is a smartphone that includes Android 11 from the factory, the update that recently arrived at Moto Edge Plus, which can be considered the best cell phone of the brand to date.


The finish of the Moto G60 is close to that of the G30 since both have the same button layout and the fingerprint sensor on its back. Thus, on the right side of the screen are, from top to bottom, the button that activates the Google Assistant, the volume buttons, and the one that allows you to turn the unit on or off.

At first, the artificial intelligence of the Californian may have been pressed when what was wanted was to turn on the unit.
Moto G60

From the point of view of the writer of this review, it is not necessary to significantly put an element dedicated to the Google Assistant since it can be activated from the main interface.

On the back of the Moto G60 is the optical module made up of a 108-megapixel high-resolution sensor, an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera – which also functions as a macro sensor – and a 2-megapixel depth lens. The selfie camera is 32 megapixels.

In good lighting conditions, it is possible to have photographs with a good level of color and detail. In addition, from the camera interface, the user can accept all kinds of recommendations to obtain the best image, depending on the ambient conditions.

In more of the design of the Moto G60 – available in gold and silver – the polymer back has a finish that simulates glass. In general, the mobile feels solid in the hands; for the “insecure,” the manufacturer includes a transparent cover in the purchase package.

The firm shows an advance with the Moto G60 in terms of screen and general performance, for around 380 dollars. The only thing left is you? The painful thing is that its fast charge does not correspond to the battery it integrates.

It is a smartphone for users who are already in the mid-range but looking to take a step forward in the same segment without spending considerable money.


 6.8-inch screen
 Full HD+ resolution
 120 Hz refresh rate
 Autonomy of more than two days


 20-watt fast charge
 More physical buttons than needed

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