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OPPO Watch Free Review

Apart from that rectangular design, the OPPO Watch Free is surprising for how restrained it is and for the benefits it provides for the price range in which it is located, 99 euros.

Of course, in this type of device, its experience is valued as the smartphone’s companion and for those capacities to measure physical exercises. It has achievements and those critical points to know how well we are doing on our outings to go running or simply riding a bike.
OPPO Watch Free

It is even capable of measuring sleep as one of its most impressive capabilities, which the same manufacturer shares to take into account when purchasing this wearable device.

And while it has some notable features to make it a great day-to-day travel companion, such as being able to control the music that plays connected to the Bluetooth speaker connected to the same mobile, we miss the fact that we cannot reply to messages with established responses on WhatsApp. in advance or with emojis.

A smartwatch without physical buttons in the interface is another of its essential points so that gestures are how to interact with it.


The OPPO Watch Free screen is notable for the quality of its panel, although it is still LCD; We say this because now it is the AMOLEDs that take everything and are the most sought after.

Its size is 1.64″ with a resolution of 280 x 456 pixels. Perfect for putting images in one of the spheres and thus personalizing the screen with all the sharpness in the world.

The best companion for your mobile
OPPO Watch Free

One of the most important aspects of a smartwatch is its ability to replace some of the smartphone experiences. In this case, the OPPO Watch Free comes to replace some, but it is missing that you can respond to WhatsApp messages with an emoji or a quick response; a point that even the Huawei Watch GT 3 or GT 3 Pro has (even with its complications with the United States and Google).

In other aspects, we like it a lot, such as the music playback control that allows us to manage it when we listen to it from wireless headphones connected to the phone or those Bluetooth speakers so that we can even raise or lower the volume without any problem and with all the comfort.
OPPO Watch Free

We miss the turn-by-turn navigation that other smartwatches offer, and you have to be vigilant with notifications to configure them appropriately; if they cannot make a dent in the watch’s autonomy. And we are facing a look that has GPS, so we miss that type of navigation even more.

Notifications are fine, but the word turn off (so it is translated) is not the most appropriate to hide one or delete it. Something weird remains, and we hope that they modify it so that it is something more in line with the action.

The spheres are a bit limited, which comes by default, although very well achieved and of a great design. The dial dedicated to creating a personalized image allows you to add different clocks or assign a color to them.


As we have mentioned, the design of the OPPO Watch Free is rectangular so that all interaction is carried out with gestures. There is no physical button anywhere, so you have to forget about being able to pause physical exercise with one or quickly access some element of the system from a preconfigured one, as happens with other brands.
OPPO Watch Free

The smartwatch strap is simple, and without much fanfare, so the concept of this wearable gives the user the feeling that it is based more on what the system or software offers than on wearing a charming watch. We are not saying it is not lacking in this since the panel has thin bezels for a look that barely weighs.

We say that it is almost as if we did not carry anything on the wrist of the hand, something quite different from other experiences given by brands such as Huawei or Samsung.

measuring your exercises

And perhaps one of its best aspects is its ability to display information from the data collected from daily exercise, whether going for a run or simply the movement we make from one place to another in our daily lives.

The cards that can be accessed from the main screen are very well drawn and full of color so that they even encourage their use, and we can measure the heart rate or simply the oxygen in the blood.

One thing we miss is that once the exercise measurement is finished, it does not make a heart rate recovery graph with which the ability of the heart to recover physical condition can be measured.

All that capacity to measure the exercises and offer valuable information on the screen is woven into a design we liked. The information cards accessed with a lateral gesture are the best example. With a lot of colors and is well designed.
OPPO Watch Free

But the same can be said of the settings screen, notifications, or apps with icons once again full of color and fonts at an ideal size so that everything looks perfect.

We return to the example of the available health data information card with several vertical bars, each of a different color, that can show how well we are doing during the day for steps, calories consumed, number of activities, and exercise time.
The red dot indicates a notification.

The red dot indicates a notification Manuel Ramírez El Androide Libre

Its user experience is magnificent despite those shortcomings, so the entire interface moves perfectly without slowing down. And if we say this, it is because there are smartwatches that do not have that fluidity that the OPPO Watch Free does offer.

Now, the battery lasts 15 days, but you have to pay attention to the settings, such as the ability to measure the heart rate for 24 hours or that notifications are received at all times.
OPPO Watch Free

And it is that these are configured in such a way that they are notified at certain times, such as when the screen turns on. In other words, those 15 days are there, but if we set the clock too much, it can lose autonomy, which is also typical for it to be like this if we want the experience to be complete and it notifies us of everything at all times.

We recommend configuring the essential apps we want to be aware of and doing a vital sieve. But of course, it will depend on one’s needs and the time they want to be present on their smartphone; in fact, a smartwatch is worth reducing the time of use.

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