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Realme X50 5G Review


Updated as standard to the latest version of Android, this Realme X50 5G comes with the Realme UI 1.0 customization layer on Android 10; the system leaves us free 112GB of the 128GB that it has storage in its two most basic versions (note that supports memory cards), while in the superior “Master” version it has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

It does have some other languages, such as English, Russian and French. It comes with Google services pre-installed; you can add your Google account, but it doesn’t come with any Google application. You have to install Google Play and, from there, add applications. I found it curious that the device is certified with Google Play, which, for example, we cannot say about the latest Huawei terminals. With NFC, I have installed Google Pay, but none of my cards from my banks are compatible with Google Pay, so I haven’t been able to test it, but I should have no problem using it.

Regarding the presentation layer, I had never tried this Realme UI, but I have had no problems with Google of any kind (neither syncing contacts, nor the browser nor google auto…); the system runs very smoothly, and it allows you to customize gestures, it has a very comfortable system button for screen recording, it will enable vertical captures to enlarge the screenshot area… It brings a HeyTap Cloud storage system, but you need a Chinese phone number to activate; also, an assistant called Breeno in perfect Chinese allows you to clone applications (eye only Chinese messaging) and the typical game mode to avoid interruptions, supposedly speeding up the network speed. It also includes a specific optimizer to clean storage and temporary files, viruses, permissions, etc.

What I have been able to mess around with today does not leave a bad taste in my mouth; I miss languages, remove the assistant and Chinese apps, etc. If Realme releases the Global version, the software will logically be oriented to a global market. More useful for us also when passing the DRM tests, it only gives Widevine L3, with which we will not be able to have HD or higher qualities in streaming such as Netflix, as you can see in the screenshot that I have taken from the example video of Netflix as it gives a maximum resolution of 960×540.

Unlocking the side fingerprint has been very fast and precise; I think that in one day, it has not failed me even once.

When passing the Malware Antivirus, it detected the QIYI application as malicious (SpyApp) and uninstalled it. The Realme screen gives the option of going into auto mode at 60Hz or 120Hz, and I don’t think that no matter how much you set 120Hz, the whole system will work like this since when I tested it in the browser,,, it worked at 90Hz.

Power and Hardware

It is the first Snapdragon 765 with the Adreno 620 that I tried, and I was surprised how well Pubg moves with maximum graphics; it has not allowed me to activate HDR, but the rest, putting HD graphics, maximum Frame rate, and activating Anti-aliasing and shadows, it moves with perfect ease, I have played two games (approximately one hour), and the fluidity has been continuous without any hitch. However, yes, the CPU temperature has risen to 43º.


Antutu version 8 gives some values well, without reaching that of the most cutting-edge processors, but it exceeds 300,000 points, and in the other benchmarks such as GeekBench, it falls short of a Galaxy S9 Global, with its Exynos 9810. Also, the speed of LPDDR4X type memory and its UFS 2.1 storage is good, not the best on the market; tested against a Mate 30, for example, in both cases, it is behind, but it is in a high, medium range.

As we have already mentioned, it has NFC, but there are essential absences such as the notification LED, the FM radio, and the 3.5 jack.

Design and Screen

The terminal is of an ice-style white color (Realme calls it Polar) made of plastic in which the fingerprints are perfectly marked; when you turn, it reflects a very striking effect with the light. There is also another blue version. On the right side, slightly sunken, is the power button which is also the fingerprint reader; on the opposite side are the volume buttons, and on the bottom, the speaker (it has another speaker at the top of the screen ), microphone, and the bay for the two nano SIMs.

Both the front cameras with two sensors on the upper left side, a notch that has two lenses are visible since they are almost 5 mm high by 12 mm wide, and the rear ones, 4 in total, are arranged vertically in a row of just over 4cm, and a small led flash.

The size of the Realme X50 5G, having a 6.57″ screen, is significant; they are more than 16 cm high by almost 7.6 cm wide; together with the 4,200 mAh battery, it shoots up to a weight of 202g; if you are not used to large terminals, keep that in mind. Its helpful surface of 86% is quite good, although the 20:9 format of this screen is not what I like the most, maybe for multimedia content, yes, I like it. They want more than 19:9 or at most 19.5:9, but as I said, for tastes.

The screen is a 2400 x 1080 JDI IPS, with Gorilla Glass 5 protection and anti-splash P2i Nano coating. Its visualization has been more than correct; However, the weather situation with clouds did not make maximum brightness necessary; I do not know how it would behave on the beach on a sunny summer day.

The sound, without standing out, seemed correct to me, I have compared it with other terminals, and it is similar in power; it does not stand out, nor did it seem wrong to me. It has Dolby Hi-Res sound according to manufacturer specifications, and the double microphone has ambient noise cancellation.

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