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Vivo Y76 5G Review

Vivo has wanted to get out of the conventions in some sections when designing the mobile, although not too much. The back of it features a side curve that makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand.

The photographic module of this Vivo Y76 is made up of three sensors and is built on two levels, with the cameras remaining on the first, which is colored black.

Vivo Y76 5G fingerprint reader

The second level, narrow and elongated, is the same color as the rear but gives it a distinctive touch while also sporting the “High Definition Photography” badge. Showing off the camera, although, as we will see, it is not one of its best points.

The rest of its back is its color gradient, which in our case has been bluish, and the brand logo is under the camera.
live screen

On its front, it has a drop-shaped notch and a small lower frame, a somewhat outdated design, which still allows you to take advantage of a good part of the front for the screen.

Its lower edge houses a 3.5-millimeter jack connector for headphones, the USB Type C port for charging, and its speaker. The SIM card tray is at the top.

It has a fingerprint reader on its side on the power button, which you will have to press to unlock, and it is pretty fast, but you will not be able to access the lock screen unless you press it with a finger that you have not registered.

It should be noted that it includes a cover in the box and a charger, cable, and headphones. A rare bird these days.

live screen

The screen is one of the weakest sections of the mobile since even though its performance is not bad, it does not provide any point of difference compared to some of its competitors.

It has a size of 6.58 inches at Full HD + resolution, which is of LCD technology. The answer is adequate for the size, but we would have liked to see OLED or AMOLED technology to enjoy functions such as the active screen.

In day-to-day performance, some brightness is missing when walking down the street in the sun and a little more intensity in the colors.


Vivo uses FuntouchOS as a customization layer, and in this case, in its version 12, but running under Android 11, something that subtracts points in this section; since Android 12 was released with enough space in time for this mobile, I had that version.

It is expected to be updated at some point, and while this analysis has elapsed, it has received several new features. Beyond this, FuntouchOS is an absorbing customization layer with many options and additions.

As far as widgets are concerned, the company has taken an excellent example from Google since they follow the lines of Material You, with rounded shapes and a minimalist design.

The options of its launcher allow you to modify the size of the application grid and the shape of these, allowing you to choose between being round or having a square shape but with rounded edges.

It is a versatile layer that shows ways in terms of functionalities, but it remains to be seen how the device evolves. It comes with Android 12, so it’s up to date in terms of software.

Vivo Y76 5G camera app

The photographic section of the Vivo Y76 is not one of its greatest virtues, and it has sensors capable of taking decent photographs during the day, although with a somewhat lower level of detail than expected. It consists of these sensors:

50-megapixel main sensor.
2-megapixel depth sensor.
2-megapixel macro sensor.

Its primary camera, 50 megapixels, performs acceptably during the day. However, if you take the photos without activating the full resolution mode, you will see that the detail is scarce, and the images tend to be too sharp, which makes them less realistic.

Vivo Y76 5G Apps

The performance of the Vivo in the games we have tested has been sufficient, but without being able to play the most complex games with maximum graphics.

In some online games like Rocket League SideSwipe, the device moves fine, but some slight slowdowns do not hinder the game session, but it does make it look less good.

If the game is optimized, you can play titles like Need for Speed ​​without any problem, with medium or low-quality graphics, but without slowdowns. In notes and reading applications and documents, it moves acceptably, although it is true that it is not a mobile that stands out for its speed.

Thanks to its customization layer, it can increase its RAM by 4 GB thanks to the virtual RAM function, which can only add this amount to help improve performance.

Vivo is gradually getting into the mid-range in Spain, and this is one of the phones with which it intends to do so. It is not the best device in its catalog, but it may interest some people.

Its screen is not the section that stands out the most precisely. It is an LCD technology panel with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and Full HD + resolution. The size of this is 6.58 inches.

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