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Amazon Echo Buds 2 Review

Let’s be true, and the Amazon Echo Buds 2 is not that they stand out or have anything unique compared to the other wireless headphones launched on the market by a wide variety of Android phone manufacturers.

It is like that, but there is something in which it does differ that can be ideally the value bet for the end user to decide to acquire them: Alexa. And so it is, behaving quite well in calls and the sound quality that emerges from its buds, the Amazon wireless accessory draws a lot of attention for having Alexa waiting there.

In other words, if your home is connected mainly with Amazon and its partners or partners, and of course, having Alexa as an assistant, the Amazon Echo Buds 2 is almost a must-buy in this case. Another thing will be that you throw more for Google Assistant, or you have not yet fallen into the network of connected devices and are looking for something that sounds better, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2.

Sound quality

As we have said, it is not the best we have tried, but it perfectly meets the expectations that can be given at the price it reaches the market. It has high-quality speaker drivers for fairly clear sound.

It has that touch, sometimes a little can in the sound, but always from a person with a very sharp ear because at general levels, and it sounds pretty good. We would already be talking about a higher level for which other alternatives like the same one from Sony exist.

Thanks to its four sizes of adapters and two sizes of fins, we can seal them intra-auricularly so that none of the sounds from the headphones escapes.
Amazon Echo Buds 2

In equalization, it is true that from the app that we can install, the same as Alexa in the Play Store, we can only modify the low, medium, and high tones without the possibility of saving any sound profile. Let’s hope that Amazon gets its act together here to be able to form different configurations depending on the music we like to listen to.

Design and materials

Here the Amazon headphones give the feeling of being ‘chubby.’ In other words, they are made up of a circular box that takes center stage so we can discover the Amazon logo with that particular smile on its cover.

The red color of the head’s interior gives it its one so that with the black, visual contrast is formed that places them as curious headphones that attract attention.
Amazon Echo Buds 2

As is the case with the manufacturing materials that give the feeling of being robust so that they can resist daily with the blows that we can provide them. This also happens with the case, which has its weight and reaffirms what was previously said about its robustness.

Gestures with touch controls

The Amazon Echo Buds 2 allow us to configure the different gestures of one, two, three, or long presses to play / pause, next song, previous song, ANC / Environment mode, volume up, volume down, native assistant, Press and speak to Alexa, microphone on / mute or off Press left three times.

Gesture and app settings

In other words, in this sense, they are complete and even allow us to access the native assistant that we have on the phone. An important fact to open up to other experiences when you have Alexa as the main protagonist of these wireless headphones from Amazon.


The Amazon Echo Buds 2 wireless headphones allow up to 5 hours of music playback on a single charge, even if we use ANC and Alexa. If we already go from using the assistant and the ANC mode, we will reach 6.5 hours, which is not bad.

Regarding call times, four hours on a single charge and up to 12 hours with the case. It should be noted that with a short amount of 15 minutes, we can be playing our favorite music for two hours.

Calls on the Amazon Echo Buds 2

As in sound quality, it meets perfectly for a complete experience in this regard without missing anything. And here we are talking about those functions to emphasize the sound coming from the environment or isolate ourselves from the noise of the street with the ANC mode to be in those calls in an immersive way.
Amazon Echo Buds 2

And from here, we go to the environment mode that works well when we activate it, which will be more usual so that we can hear our voice. It does not seem we are isolated from those sounds that can sometimes confuse users who try this type of wireless headphones for the first time, as they are the Amazon Echo Buds 2.

Setup from the Alexa app

It has two external beamforming microphones and one internal to provide that call experience we liked without any problem.

We witness the balance of complete headphones in all its vertices to stand out in its Alexa assistant.

We have already referred to the general experience of these Amazon Echo Buds 2, which are priced at 79.99 euros for the model with the cable charging case, while if we switch to wireless charging for the case, they reach €99.99.
Amazon Echo Buds 2

We have to stay with Alexa as the protagonist, and we will return to the first sensations; if you have a good number of connected devices in your house, these headphones are essential because you will have the assistant like never before. The story changes a bit when we don’t need Alexa so much. However, the sound quality, calls, and a series of other factors, such as how comfortable they are, must be considered to decide on their purchase.

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