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Sonos ROAM Review

The first thing that strikes you about the new Sonos proposal is its size, almost the same height as a 6.5-inch smartphone. Its design allows it to be placed vertically or horizontally, and it can even “steal” a corner of the work desk without any inconvenience.
Sonos roam

The buttons on its surface allow you to raise or lower the volume, pause or play the music —or move from one song to another—and activate or deactivate the microphones.

If you look at its “back,” you will see the USB-C charging port – the corresponding cable is included in the purchase package – and the button that allows you to switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

The speaker’s base and the surface are made of a rubber material that allows it to stand firmly where it is placed.

When transporting it, it fits perfectly in any space of the backpack or bag, in addition to being relatively light (430 grams). Of course, it does not include any strap in its structure, so it is necessary to hold it very well; in any case, the manufacturer promises resistance to falls.

Sonos ROAM Review : Quality sound in a compact body

Despite its small size, what makes you fall in love with the Sonos Roam is the audio it delivers. This is a clear and rich sound, so the brand is not misleading when it says it is the audio you would expect from a much larger speaker.
Sonos roam

Beyond its internals—two Class H digital amplifiers, a tweeter for a clear high-frequency response, a midrange woofer, and a long-throw microphone array—you’ll find the speaker covers a room. Wide and even the patio of the house.

Audio retains its clarity and intensity even at its highest volume levels, which is more than convenient when playing music or podcasts outdoors.

The Roam can also be integrated or communicated with other brand speakers through the Sonos mobile app to make the home sound much more powerful and far-reaching.

The writer of this review linked it to a Sonos Move, and the resulting audio acquires a much more intense and complete dimension, which can be seen in more corners of the space. It also helps that the volume can be controlled separately or in conjunction with the app.

Without a doubt, the Roam brings out its best when it is connected to the local Wi-Fi network; however, for those who like to watch a series or a YouTube video from the phone and with a connected speaker, its Bluetooth mode will also give them an optimal experience (you switch to this by pressing the button on the back of the device for a few seconds).

Finally, the gadget promises a range of up to 10 hours on a single charge – a time close to what was achieved in the tests carried out – which means that you could leave the power cable at home if you go to a field day. Or meeting. However, its battery requires about 190 minutes from 10 to 100 percent of its capacity.

With the idea of ​​not being plugged in frequently, you can buy the Sonos wireless charger separately or use one compatible with the Qi standard.

The Sonos Roam deceives with its compact size. Despite its size, it still offers a powerful and well-defined sound. In addition, it has in its favor being a speaker that connects to the Internet, which allows access to all kinds of streaming services and international radio, as well as the digital assistants of Google and Amazon.

Due to its characteristics, it could be said that its price is accessible at 169 dollars. It is positioned as the most affordable means to access all the benefits of a brand like Sonos.

It also comes when users are looking for more accessories to upgrade their desktop at home, one that allows them to respond to their various productivity and entertainment activities.

Sonos ROAM Review : Quick start

Like other products of the brand, the configuration of the Roam is carried out through the Sonos application. Those with a signature device know that the startup process is not complicated.

From mobile development, in addition to accessing software updates, you can also make other adjustments, such as modifying the bass and treble, activating Trueplay – which balances and adjusts Sonos products to ensure quality sound anywhere – setting a volume limit, and adding Alexa or Google Assistant (the speaker also supports AirPlay 2).

Regarding services, the app allows you to add the platforms Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Audible, Calm, Deezer, and Last.FM, Plex, SoundCloud, Sonos Radio, and an endless list of others.

The Bluetooth connection is not made from the app, but you must pair the Roam with your phone like any other speaker.

It has to be said that It is challenging to become familiar with the complete operation of the app —it needs to be a little more intuitive—so the user will spend several minutes trying to understand all its possibilities.


 Lightweight and compact design
 powerful sound
 Communication with other Sonos equipment
 Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
 AirPlay 2


 The app could be more intuitive
 190-minute charging time

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