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Apple Watch Series Review

It seems that the sales data indicate that in the last year, more smartwatches have been sold, and with such a receptive market, manufacturers have continued to fill the window, including Apple. And in the analysis of the Apple Watch Series 7, we tested the latest model of those from Cupertino.

The new smartwatch brings some noticeable changes externally, although it is not a too drastic evolution and does not comply with those speculations that pointed to a radical design change. It boasts a better-used screen and maintains its assortment of sensors to record many user activities and status values. Let’s see how with him after a few days.

Design and screen: more surface, same straps

Apple Watch Series 7 Sphere 03

The Series 7 is a copy-paste of the Apple Watch Series 6 at the level of forms is a success in terms of comfort: the semicircle that draws the side of the Watch is pleasant to the touch and eliminates the possibility of annoying corners. The Series 7 weighs a little more than the Series 6, but it only shows at first and if we are used to this predecessor.

It is a well-built smartwatch and resistant to bumps and scratches, although this is something that we will have to verify in the long run. We can attest to its water-resistance without any functional problems and with the same system of the expulsion of water from the speaker due to hums and sounds (once we deactivate the lock).

Control is maintained by the rotating crown and physical button, located in the same way, being its correct pulsation. It should be said, as a reminder, that although the sphere is increased concerning the previous ones, the straps still fit, verified.
Although the sphere is increased concerning the previous ones, the straps fit equally.

As for the screen, we see there several more or less noticeable novelties. The LTPO technology and the 1000 nits of maximum brightness are maintained, although the brightness of the Always-on or ambient screen has been increased to 500 nits. This will please those who see this function as useful, although the screen is usually not visible in the wrist-down position and increases battery consumption.
Apple Watch Series 7 Mindfulness

It is best to have reduced the frames and increased the resolution. Both aspects impact improving an experience with a panel that was already among the best that we see in a current smartwatch, without the sun or any other situation conditioning the experience (and with very good tactile sensitivity). Good contrast, good sharpness, and without oversaturation.

According to the brand, it is about 20% more screen surface, which we will notice especially if we were already users of a previous Apple Watch and if we usually read long texts on the Watch, such as an email or explanations in apps like the ECG. It is also noticeable if we are in the habit of placing a photograph as a sphere, perhaps in this case, it is when we notice it the most, although in general, we can see some larger buttons such as those of the Control Center or those of the unlock code.
Apple Watch Series 7

The screen options are still somewhat fair, although we see more options in the “always show” (ambient screen). There is still no automatic brightness option (perhaps because of the need for a sensor), and in general, they are very similar to what we see in iOS for Apple mobiles.
Apple Watch Series 7 Ios Settings Display
Screen settings in the iOS app.
Software and activity log: watchOS 8 is very familiar to us
Apple Watch Series 7 Screen 01

The new version of the operating system was presented this year at WWDC following the tradition and the other software from the manufacturer. watchOS 8 has retained its appearance, interface, and navigation so that users who already use watchOS 7 will notice little change.
Apple Watch Series 7 Ios Preload
There are no changes to the pre-load with the new Watch, the process is simple, and these options can be accessed later from the settings. Syncing with the iPhone is smooth and fast.

The sections of the system are still the home screen (or sphere), the notification window (swiping down), the Control Center toggles (swiping up), the app drawer (pressing the crown), and multitasking. (by pressing the lower button). As usually happens, there has already been a software update that we have been able to install on Series 7, but we had stable and fluid software at all times.
As is often the case, there are new spheres. In this case, we have the most minimalist option (Contour) and the reloaded ones. Modular Duo and World Time, which allow more com applications. Another novelty is the dial with portraits, but the fact that the Watch remains behind the focused subject as the brand showed has not worked for us.

Apple Watch Series 7 New Dials Review
Two of the new spheres.

Speaking of the activity log, the Activity + Training + Health triplet is maintained. A combo that is much more comfortable to manage and consult from the iPhone, but whose data source continues to be the sensors of the Apple Watch.
Apple Watch Series 7 Ios Gallery Spheres
The gallery of spheres in iOS is somewhat more comfortable than the system in the Apple Watch to configure them. In the case of the new “Universal Time” sphere, we can select the hue of the color, and the elements change automatically according to it to look better.

The Training app adds activities such as Pilates, Tai Chi, and HIIT (although the latter has not yet appeared). In general, it is an assortment that previously seemed quite complete to us (it even has curling), although paddle tennis lovers still do not have their sport reflected, and that there is even a racquetball racket. Except for these exceptions, we will generally find our activity, or we can use a similar one or compatible third-party apps.

The count in each training can vary (meters, repetitions, etc.), and the screen is shown during the activity. The sections are also kept here, with the main screen (count, time, keystrokes, etc.), a small control center, and a multimedia playback screen.
Apple Watch Series 7 Activity
The apps and information for activities, training, and records such as the ECG or blood oxygen are shown as before, although taking advantage of the extra millimeters of the screen.

The Activity app keeps the three rings corresponding to hours of standing, minutes of exercise, and active calories burned, as well as the rewards for breaking records or completing challenges. In general, the information we have is useful and complete, although it does not reach the extreme of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and its new indexes.

We have tried a variety of activities to check the counts and found that Series 7 generally works well in this regard. The pool count (if we combine styles) is the only thing that maybe could have some small flaws (more or less, a rate of 1 pool/session) as it already happened in the Series 6 occasionally, but in general, it is accurate with the counts and the information is perfectly visible at a glance.

Apple Watch Series 7 Swimming

The functions that can still differentiate the Apple Watch from some competition, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen saturation measurement, have been retained. The measurement system is the same, being able to carry out measurements at will or consult those that the Watch does by default in a continuous way as continuous monitoring.

As we always say, it is not a medical device, and when in doubt, we will always have to consult a professional. But it is a device that can give us some indication, and that can be used to have a merely indicative follow-up. We can also add external data, such as power.

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