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Audiencly – Social Media Agency Review

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a virtual channel in the online marketing mix. Social media marketing includes all activities or measures in social media that help the company achieve its corporate goals. In the marketing strategy, social media marketing is used mainly for branding by creating reach, generating potential leads, customer loyalty, and selling products or services.

The new form of marketing

In the last decade, social platforms on the Internet have opened up a large group of users. While it was mainly young people who were enthusiastic about social media initially, older people are increasingly becoming part of the target group. Therefore, social platforms have become an important marketing tool for companies, artists, and politicians. Today, all groups of people are represented in social networks, from grandchildren to grandpa. Facebook is not only ˶cool˝ but also of strategic use for market communication, product presentation, and services.

Basics of social media marketing

Social media marketing includes all measures intended to achieve corporate goals with the help of social media. These goals include, for example:

  •     the branding
  •     customer loyalty
  •     the sale of products/services


Strategic branding occurs primarily through PR and public relations work. Due to increasing digitization, however, the presence on the Internet, especially on social media, is becoming more and more critical. Social media is perfect for this. Before you jump into social media, you should be able to answer a few questions.

    What should the brand or your company stand for?

    In which areas do you want to become a leader?

    How do you want to communicate via social media?

Which social media channels are there?

The most well-known social media platforms include:

  •     Facebook
  •     Instagram
  •     YouTube
  •     Twitter
  •     WordPress
  •     Pinterest
  •     LinkedIn
  •     Xing
  •     Snapchat
  •     tik tok


Facebook is a social network that was founded in 2004 and on which texts, images, or videos can be posted and shared. Since then, the company has had around 2.3 billion members and is considered a pioneer in social media. In 2017, the social media giant generated $41 billion in revenue.

Based on the number of users, it is hardly surprising that Facebook has also become a coveted social media marketing platform on which numerous companies operate their advertising. Also because the company offers a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities. The budget required for this ranges from a few to several thousand euros.

Today, the platform appeals to young people and older people. Due to the hype of Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram, the platform is now playing a somewhat subordinate role among young people. But politicians and artists continue to use social media networks such as Facebook to make themselves famous and well-known among their voters or fans through advertising.

Audiencly - Social Media Agency Review

What Is Audiencly – Social Media Agency?

Audiencly is an influencer and social media marketing agency based in Düsseldorf, Germany. She helps brands and influencers build and maintain a solid social media presence. This includes a thorough analysis of social media and the advice of their social media experts.

The agency follows seven steps in creating a social media marketing strategy for your business:

  •     Defining Your Goals – Defining your KPIs to set clear goals for your social media marketing strategy
  •     Defining your target audience – the demographics and geography of your target audience
  •     Analysis of your competition – the online presence of your competitors and the marketing measures they have already implemented
  •     Choosing the best platforms – the most profitable social media platforms to promote your product. Venues include Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.
  •     Content Creation – Information about different formats you can use to publish your posts. You can also use the content creation services.
  •     control of success
  •     Next Steps – what steps do you need to take for social media success

Audiencly counts Disney, NordVPN, EA, Epic Games, Philips, Tencent, and Mercedes-Benz among its customers.

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