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Bad-Rhino Review

Choosing the right social media platforms – basic strategic ideas

Of course, the question is, which social media platforms should our company choose?

The short answer: it depends! The slightly longer answer is that sweeping statements can rarely be made in this regard. On the contrary! We regularly advise against this since a tailor-made social media marketing strategy can only be created by considering all relevant points. In addition to your target group and its user behavior, it is also essential to look at the different types of content on the platforms. This is the only way to create a targeted strategy that is scalable and with which you can also address your target group.

The most important social media platforms for companies are currently:

  •     Facebook
  •     Instagram (IGTV)
  •     Twitter
  •     tik tok
  •     YouTube
  •     LinkedIn
  •     XING and
  •     Pinterest

However, the channels themselves should not simply be classified in categories such as “B2C” or “B2B”. As a rule, a lot of potentials is lost! The traditional boundaries between such simple divisions have long since disappeared.

A user is usually moving in social media in both private and business environments. The challenge of reaching this user in both areas with exciting content about one’s solutions is not a question of the platform but a question of the content because everyone who travels for business is also receptive to solutions in their private lives that have the potential to solve significant problems in business life.

However, the own “wording” has to be adapted, and the content changed. Because what changes about the user is his “mindset” with which he is on the go on the channels. And the mindset alone determines the receptivity of the user to our messages. It is essential to adjust to this and use all suitable social media channels effectively!

Social media marketing content ideas

Your social media marketing strategy stands and falls with the content ideas of your own company. After all, having a presence on every conceivable social media platform is useless if you don’t reach the target group with your content. Only when your own company’s (desired) target group understands the regularly published content – and reacts to it accordingly – can your strategy bear fruit.

The word “content” has an inclusive meaning in social media marketing. This is not about “the one” form of content. Instead, all possible forms of content are hidden behind this one word. Images, videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes fall into the “content” category.

It is essential to identify the content most likely to be noticed by your target group. The contributions of one’s own company are usually seen when they offer added value to the target group somehow. Especially in this part of social media marketing, it is explicitly essential to know your target group, continuously test new content, and thus generate content that triggers the desired effect on the target group of your own company.

Bad-Rhino Review

What Is Bad-Rhino?

Bad-Rhino focuses on delivering measurable results through customized social media marketing solutions. They take great pride in designing and offering customized programs for each of their clients.

They use the following procedure for social media:

  •     Social media audit
  •     Content Creation & Approval
  •     Recruitment in the community
  •     strategy development
  •     Identification of key strategies
  •     implementation
  •     Monthly analyses
  •     repetition

Bad Rhino develops and implements customized strategies for its clients. They research the social channels that work best and create excellent content that each client’s target audience will love.

Bad Rhino believes that social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising available today. You hire an ad specialist to run social media ads. They develop a clear and concise advertising strategy for each trade. The ad specialists write texts and headlines and generate images for each campaign. You monitor the movements hourly, daily, and weekly. When results drop, they identify underperforming ads and pause them. They also run new ads to keep getting positive results.

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