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Firebelly Marketing Review

Social media marketing B2B

Social media marketing in B2B? does that fit? Of course! Social media are now also playing an essential role in the “business-to-business” area. Not only because many other companies are also on social media, but above all, because the employees of these companies also use many social media channels privately.

Depending on which solutions, products, and services you are trying to sell as a company – and depending on what your own social media goals look like – the content strategy in B2B also varies. Is it about selling a complex IT solution? Then it can make sense to work through the USPs of your offer clearly and supported by graphic material and present them on social media. In this way, the advantages can be explained quickly, and the potential customer’s attention can supposedly be attracted more quickly.

The strategy could look different when it comes to generating contact requests. Here, the aim is to attract attention quickly and lead to the target page as soon as possible with well-placed “calls to action.” Even if the communication is sometimes structured differently, social media marketing lives on the published content in the B2B area. These must have the potential to reach the desired target group and stay in their heads!

Social media marketing B2C

Social media marketing is now “the” way for customers to get in touch with the company of their choice quickly and easily. Gone are the days when (unsatisfied) customers had to dial telephone hotlines for ages. It’s hard to get a quicker response than contacting the company of your choice through their social media presence. From companies’ point of view, social media marketing also means that direct communication with their customers can be intensified.

In the “B2C” area, the company’s presence also lives from the content that is regularly published on the platforms. In this case, the content itself takes on several roles. On the one hand, the company’s products are made more tangible and explained to the target group. On the other hand, content – ​​implemented correctly – helps to give your company a face. However, in this case, a holistic content strategy is also required, and less thinking from contribution to contribution. Otherwise, the desired effect in social media marketing is rarely achieved.

It should also not be forgotten that effective social media marketing in B2C can have many advantages for your own company. In this way, the feedback from the community can be implemented directly and converted into the development of product innovations. In addition, the regular exchange is likely to increase the brand loyalty of users. A point that is becoming increasingly important because of the current online competition! Last but not least, the fact that you can react quickly to negative feedback means that bad customer experiences can also be changed more swiftly and effectively into a positive ones.

Social Media Marketing Channels

The number of social media marketing channels has grown steadily in recent years. Some new platforms, such as TikTok, were added. Others – think of Vero – disappeared from the scene as quickly as they came. Social media marketing is always about choosing from the existing range of social media channels and integrating the (supposedly) right ones into your strategy.

A channel becomes “right” and relevant when its target group is on it. Since the target groups usually differ from company to company, there is no one-size-fits-all social media marketing strategy. When building your plan as a company, you are constantly forced to take a unique look at your circumstances and examine the requirements of your system in detail. Ultimately, the final selection of the channels is always based on a wide range of factors and trains of thought.

Firebelly Marketing Review

What Is Firebelly Marketing?

Firebelly Marketing has been leading brands to social marketing success since 2007. Their services include social media channel verification, social media management, and social ads management.

Firebelly’s Social Media Audit Service is an excellent first step in understanding what to do next with your social accounts. It can serve as a basis for your other social media strategy.

Firebelly’s social media management service provides everything you need to succeed on your brand’s social media channels. It includes:

  •     Creation and publication of content
  •     community management
  •     Insights and reports
  • They work with social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Firebelly has successfully managed over $1M in social media ad spend for brands. Their social ads management service offers targeted social media ads to grow their clients’ audience, engagement, traffic, and sales. It consists of three parts:

  •     Audience and creative development
  •     Daily monitoring
  •     Reporting and Recommendations

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