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Honor Watch GS 3 Review

In the aesthetic section, this watch is quite striking, and the company has opted for a classic look, with a crown made of stainless steel and a strap that looks like synthetic leather and suits you well.

There is also a model with a rubber strap. If you are not very fond of the gold colour, you can choose a silver-coloured crown, which is somewhat soberer than the gold model. The straps, of course, are interchangeable.

Honor Watch GS3 Buckle

On the other hand, you hardly notice that you are wearing it because of how light and comfortable it is, even if you do not have a wide wrist. Although it indeed depends a lot on your preferences in terms of watches.

If something draws attention to the design of the Honor Watch G3 S, it is its screen, since the company has taken pains to make it stand out due to its size and good quality.

Honor Watch GS 3 design selection

It has a 1.43-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 466 x 466. This technology allows the mobile to save battery life by displaying black and vivid colours.

In day-to-day use, this is an exemplary screen, which looks good even in bright sunlight. In this sense, we have not had any problems.

Speakers to answer calls and even play music
Music on the Honor Watch GS 3

Another thing that stands out in this watch is the presence of a speaker that allows you to answer calls and talk through the eye since it also has a microphone so you can have a conversation without needing a mobile phone. It should be linked to this one, so you can’t go too far.

The speaker is heard well enough to talk on the phone, even on the street, although you should be aware that if many people are talking around you, it will take a while to hear the call. You have no choice but to stick the watch to your ear or use your mobile.

Honor Watch GS 3 on the table

Thanks to an operating system option, you also can play music, which you will have to transfer to the device through the Huawei Health application. By default, there are already some songs that you can start playing whenever you want.

This is something that I have used quite a bit after entering some songs, something that has to be done manually. It is not the most comfortable thing if you want to vary a little, but the option is there.

Battery and operation
Honor Watch GS 3 buttons

The quality of the battery of the Honor Watch GS 3 is far from any doubt since it is capable of offering an autonomy of more than two weeks, and all these using notifications, alarms and, eventually, some music and calls.

It has the usual functions that we can find in this type of device, such as the measurement of physical activity and data related to sleep, along with other things such as heart rate or stress.

Honor Watch GS 3 blood oxygen

It will also analyze your heart rate and even take your blood pressure, so it can be pretty helpful if you are looking for a device that is prepared to keep rigorous control of your health.

Its battery provides significant autonomy, allowing you to spend several weeks without charging your mobile. However, it also depends on the use, notifications and the time you train using the clock’s location.

Honour has gone to great lengths to make its Watch GS 3 a great watch, from battery life to overall performance to screen quality.

The watch moves fast, and its screen is fluid enough to offer a great experience when it comes to moving around the interface to see your physical activity, stress level or heart rate.

In this section, the Honor Watch GS 3 performs quite well and can go from one screen to another, showing fluid movements and good speed.

When it comes to connecting with the mobile, it is also quite fast, and when you have to send commands to it, such as changing the song, it is also capable of doing so in a short time.

Honor Watch GS 3 stall

In addition, you can choose a custom function for the button at the bottom, assigning it a quick process and customizing its use to the fullest.

Regarding the aesthetic section of the main screen, it is true that Honor’s designs are not the most beautiful in the world. Still, from the Huawei Health application, there are a large number of them for you to choose your favourite and install on the watch to give it an aesthetic look you prefer.

Honor Watch GS 3 options

There are both analog and digital options, and if you search the internet, you will see that there are communities that create custom faces for this and other watches, something that can be useful to give it a change of look.

The watch integrates more than 100 sports modes, so you will be able to record your workouts in great detail. It will also be able to measure your stress levels and the quality of your sleep hours.

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