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Huawei Mate 30 Review

It has been made to beg, but we already have it here. We want to thank PowerPlanetOnline for sending us this Huawei Mate 30 to check if it is as powerful as it seems and to be able to compare the technical photos with other terminals. It should be mentioned that today it is around €500 and that as the Mobile World Congress approaches, it will gradually drop in price.

This terminal comes in a black cardboard box. In the upper part, we can see the name of the brand, and on one of the sides are the characteristics. In addition, it includes the CE logo (European Conformity), which indicates that it meets the minimum requirements of the European Union to be marketed. This is the version with 8GB and 128GB of storage in this case.

When we open it, we see the phone at the top. Underneath is a box with an instruction guide, the key for the SIM card slot, and a transparent TPU case.

Below is the European charger with 5V to 2A / 4.5V to 5A / 5V to 4.5A output, a 1 meter long micro USB to micro USB type C cable, and a good quality white earphone.

Once this process is done, the Google account options will appear in the main menu, and on the desktop, we will have the Google Play app.

As for the ROM, it is a global version that includes the world’s main languages, including English and Spanish. I have also seen that it suggests languages ​​such as Basque, Catalan, or Galician.

Among the native applications, it has a file manager, a recorder, a calculator, and the long-awaited FM Radio application. It also has a mail manager, a calendar, and the Fortnite game installer.

It has an on-screen fingerprint reader that works quickly and accurately. With tempered glass, the result is almost as good. Facial recognition also works quite well, even in low light.

This Huawei has the “Always On Display” function to always have the screen on, although time slots can configure it. This mode can cause the battery to drain faster.

As usual, this terminal comes completely clean, and the Malwarebytes antivirus has not detected malicious applications.

If we delve into the settings menu, we also find many traditional options such as setting a time to turn on and off, an opportunity to set the screen’s color, or a mode to use an M-pen (Huawei electronic pen).

Finally, mention that this terminal does not have any Widevine security certificate. There is also no compatible Netflix application in the Play Store, so we will not be able to install it officially. Amazon Prime is available and looks good.

Power and Hardware

This phone is postulated as one of the most potent high-end phones on the market, but with a difference from others: it has its own Huawei processor. We have run the AnTuTu version 8 performance test to compare it with others. After submitting it to the application with the terminal as it comes from the factory, it has achieved a score of 432,676. It is a figure that leaves a little to be desired since today; there are already phones that are around 500,000 points.

As I mentioned, the processor is Huawei’s own Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 990, which has 8 ARM cores and a maximum clock frequency of 2.86GHz. It is a 7-nanometer chip with 64-bit architecture. In addition, it is accompanied by an ARM Mali-G76 MP16 graphics card.

It has 8GB of LPDDR4X type RAM and 128GB of storage memory, although adding an external memory card is possible. After undergoing a speed test, it has obtained a maximum reading speed of 1118MBs/s and 39825 MB/s with RAM.

Design and Screen

This terminal maintains the aesthetics to which we are accustomed. It is a practically “all screen” terminal. It has some small frames and an eyebrow-style notch (smaller than the PRO version). The PRO version has more sensors in the incision, and possibly the face unlocks more accurately.

There are several colors: black, green, purple and silver. In this case, this is the shiny black model made of aluminum and glass. It is highly reflective, and any fingerprints will be easily seen.

Its dimensions are 76.1 mm wide, 160.8 mm high, and 8.4 mm thick, which makes the total weight only 196g. As for the quality of the main screen, this Mate 30 mounts a 6.62-inch diagonal OLED panel with a Full HD + resolution of 1080×2340 pixels. The density of pixels per inch is 389. It is a rounded screen in the corners with pretty good quality.

According to the official data of Corning Gorilla Glass, it does not have any protection. The aspect ratio remains at 19.5:9. It also has IP68 certification, which indicates that it is resistant to water and dust.

Colors are very vivid (NTSC 100%), including black colors. Also, it has HDR10 support for better image quality. The brightness is outstanding, and you will not have to worry about the sun.

And for my taste, the back is sensational for its aesthetics and the location of the cameras. In the upper left part, there is a double-led flash, and right in the center, in the shape of a circle, there are three cameras. At first, they may seem like 4, but one is a laser focus sensor. Below and to the left is the Huawei logo.

The edges on the back are slightly curved to make it easier to grip.

The volume down and volume up buttons are on the right side, and the on/off switch. On the contrary, on the left side is a slot for SIM cards or an NM Card memory card (a unique model from the manufacturer Huawei).

The bottom part is typical. In the center, it has the USB type C (reversible), and on the sides are the holes for the speaker, the 3.5mm jack for headphones, and the microphone. The upper edge has an infrared led to use as remote control (you can use the Mi Remote application).

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