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Huawei MateBook X Pro Review

The current trend is for next-generation laptops to have as few ports as possible, especially to meet the user’s demand for portability fully. Concerning the Huawei machine, it is a device with a metal body weighing 1.33 kg and 14.6 mm thick.

In more of its design has a 13.9-inch FullView screen with a resolution of 3,000 x 2,000 pixels (quite far from Full HD machines). In addition, it is a 10-point multi-touch sensitive display, a function that responds well, so it will appeal to those who usually use gestures to manage different programs and applications.

Regarding the keyboard of the MateBook X Pro, it takes a while to get used to its new layout; however, being full-size and backlit makes the process easier.

Unlike other notebooks, the new generation touchpad integrates the Huawei Share experience, which allows you to view the screen of a compatible Huawei phone directly on the machine’s display, with the intention of, for example, editing images and copying files from one device to another. The touch panel gives a fluid response, especially when you want to zoom in on some content.


Huawei is known to include standout power-charging features in its laptops, and the MateBook X Pro is no exception.

If one day you decide to go out to a meeting without the computer charger, there is no problem since it offers an autonomy of more than 10 hours with a single charge (56 Wh battery). For those times of emergency when a plug is unavailable, the brand promises up to 240 minutes of work with just 30 minutes of charging.

What is true is that when you have to carry the 65-watt charger in your bag or backpack, it stands out for being compact and allowing you to power other USB-C devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

The objective can be summed up in that the same user opts for a computer and a cell phone from the Chinese firm and can integrate these elements most intuitively. Everything feels like part of the same “technological ecosystem.”


Difficult now to conceive the same equipment for a single purpose. A computer can go from the desk to the living room to enjoy a video or an episode of a series. The same thing happens with cell phones: they help answer an email quickly and catch up with a podcast or movie.

The point is that the MateBook X Pro is designed to respond efficiently in each of those scenarios. When running some content from YouTube or Netflix, what can be expected is a quality image in terms of brightness and contrast.

What also leaves a good taste is the audio that the laptop delivers. Although it has its limitations in terms of power – like others of its type – in the dialogues, there are no complaints: it is surprising how clear they can be, which contributes to favoring the entertainment experience.

“The powerful quad speakers and split-frequency configuration give you woofers with deep, resonant bass and tweeters with crisp highs,” explains Huawei.


Several elements enable optimal performance in the Huawei MateBook X Pro in tasks as demanding as image correction and video editing. The first thing to note is that it incorporates the latest in processing by Intel, an eleventh-generation Core i5 or i7, and 16 GB RAM (LPDDR4x).
Huawei MateBook X Pro

These elements show that the laptop is more than just opening a text template or an Office spreadsheet. Even for those looking for a satisfying experience in video games for PC, this one will answer up to the task.

Its maximum storage can be up to 1 TB, the most recommended for multimedia tasks. The other option is 512 GB, ideal for those who only carry out activities that have to do with productivity and entertainment.

According to Huawei, its upgraded cooling system also influences the efficient response: “The new Shark Fin dual fan design works together with the ultra-thin VC heat dissipation modules to improve airflow and cool down the computer quickly for better performance. Best work experience.

Some users may not like the retractable camera layout. The fact that it “comes out” of the keyboard forces you to search for the best angle repeatedly. Otherwise, the face can take up the entire frame.

Also, if the laptop is moved away, it may need to be tilted a bit to get the best angle for users again.

You don’t get to the point of using a camera and external. However, the one that incorporates this computer is not entirely intuitive.


The Huawei MateBook X Pro combines the best software with an elegant finish that does not lose its portable quality, but this means paying much more money.

Those with such a loose budget will find a functional team in more ways than one, prepared both for working at home and for one that develops in a hybrid scheme.

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