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Kugoo S1 Review

This Kugoo S1 is presented in a tremendously large cardboard box with the name of the model on one of its sides with the most significant area, and on its opposite side is a scooter drawing. Its dimensions are 1030mm long, 210mm wide, and 405mm high, which makes it weigh 15Kg.

As we open it, we find the scooter wrapped in a plastic bag and fixed to the box with four polystyrene blocks. We can see another transparent bag and a small cardboard box if we remove them.

The bag includes a black cover to transport the scooter and charger and small accessories to mount on the scooter.

The charger is made up of two parts. One is the transformer with 24V and 1.5A output, with a male DC connector, and the other is a cable with the male plug and a connector to the transformer. In addition, in this case, it comes with two power cables with different plugs, one from Spain and the other from England.


It has no technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS. And we will not be able to connect it through a cable to a computer or a smartphone to update its software.

Unlike other electric skates, such as Xiaomi M365, this Kugoo S1 does not connect to a smartphone through an application to control the route or lock the scooter. Only we will have the LCD screen where we will visualize the speed, the mileage, the time of use, the remaining energy, the voltage, and the braking.

Technologically speaking, it has nothing of innovation or technology, except for the screen. Suppose we want to control the route taken through GPS. In that case, we must use our smartphone independently of the scooter, activating this option on our mobile and using an application to control the course, such as Runtastic, Endomondo, Mi Fit, etc.

I would have liked to find connectivity to an application through Bluetooth and a GPS to control better the kilometers traveled and the routes made with this electric skate. However, its price today is 285 euros, and more should not be asked since they are approximately 80 euros less than the Xiaomi M365, and I think there is no electric scooter with these features at this price.

Kugoo S1 Review : Design and Screen

At first glance, the Kugoo S1 is not as striking as Xiaomi’s electric scooter, but I can tell you that it has quite a few good things.

From my point of view, this scooter has an ugly and flimsy structure and design despite its aluminum construction with some plastic parts. This may also be because, unlike what we are used to, this electric scooter is removable and adaptable to different heights.

We have black, and it is possibly the color in which dirt is least noticeable, but it is also available in sky blue and white, colors that do not go unnoticed.

The product’s dimensions are 1050 mm long and 450 mm wide, and it has three different heights to better adjust to the driver’s height. The first height is 930 mm, the second is 1070 mm, and the maximum size is 1160 mm. This is one of the significant differences with the Xiaomi, which is of a single height.

This scooter can also be folded, reducing its dimensions somewhat to 960 mm long, 210 mm wide, and 330 mm high. This happens because you can bend the handlebars (each independently) when you pick them up. However, I think it is pretty complicated, the mechanism is very rigid, and it has cost me a lot. I think they could have found an easier way to fold it.

The weight is 11kg, one of the lightest on the market, although the weight distribution is uneven. It weighs much more in the front part, and you must be careful when transporting it to avoid shaking it.

As for the design, starting with the handlebar down, we find a folding handlebar with two rubber grips. At its extremities, it has two lights independent from the skate and can be switched on indistinctly. I want to comment that during this time that I have had it, in the middle of a journey, one of these lights unscrewed and fell off. Right in the center, we have the Kugoo S1 control panel. In the upper part of this control panel, we have a color LCD screen that shows the different data of the skate status, such as:

Battery level on the left
The speed ​​at which we go on the right.
Distance traveled since we have turned it on.
Lights, brakes...

These data come in Km/h and Km.

I wouldn’t say I liked the screen’s brightness since it looked awful on days of maximum clarity. They had to put more intensity and another button or roulette to regulate it.

Kugoo S1 Review: LEGAL WARNING

Next, I will try to clarify the Spanish legislation for this type of motor vehicle. Until recently, there was no regulation on electric scooters, and many municipalities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, have created their municipal ordinances under their criteria to regulate them to a certain extent.

The Government of Spain is already preparing a Royal Decree on these Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP). Still, while it arrives, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has also established a circulation regulation similar to bicycles that it will update in brief. I leave the link here. Below, I will summarize the most important things you should know and what you should apply if your city does not yet have a municipal ordinance on this type of vehicle.

They cannot be used on sidewalks and spaces reserved for pedestrians.
They may be physically located within the roadway area, provided the local authority authorizes them.

Finally, the DGT makes two distinctions between vehicles, those that do not exceed 20 km/h and their mass is less than 25 kg, called type A, and those that have a maximum speed of 30 km/h and their mass does not exceed 50 kilograms, called type B.

Depending on the type of electric scooter (type A or B), you must comply with current regulations, and if it is type B, you will also have to have a bell and skate brake.


As you may have seen, they do not mention any protection we should wear. However, the authorities and the manufacturers recommend at least the use of a helmet since it reaches critical speeds that, in the event of a fall or accident, could cause injuries. Serious.

Although it is not mandatory either, it is more than convenient to use lights and reflectors so that the rest of the vehicles on the road can see you more easily. If your electric scooter does not have anything of the sort, there are LED light accessories that you can buy at a low price and incorporate straightforwardly.

Finally, it is convenient to be aware of the new regulations and the changes that may arise in these regulations regarding electric scooters.

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