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OPPO Find X5 Lite Review

The mid-range is a sector in which it is increasingly difficult to stand out due to the great work that some brands such as Redmi, realme, or POCO do in terms of value for money, costing up to 100 euros less than direct competitors. The OPPO Find X5 Lite arrived with the claim of being one of those recommended phones in the segment, and it does so by showing off its screen and battery, although it is not something that will be easy for it.


The company has opted to introduce a 6.43-inch panel in this mobile, and it suits it quite well since it is not one of the largest on the market, and, together with its design, it makes it comfortable to carry in your hand.

The panel technology is AMOLED, which makes its blacks as pure as possible thanks to being off pixels, which also saves battery life. Its refresh rate is 90 Hz, so the content on the screen is seen more fluidly in the interface and in compatible games, which is a point in its favor.

However, the difference is noticeable compared to more expensive mobile panels, especially in the representation of colors, since the mobile does not do badly at all in terms of brightness.

OPPO Find X5 Lite blue color

The general experience has been good, both watching multimedia content and playing games, and using the smartphone to surf the Internet and read some news. The brightness level is correct, and its colors too.

There is the option to activate panel optimizations to watch videos from Settings and change the intensity of the colors from the Screen section within it.

The fingerprint reader is under the screen, in a slightly lower position than we are used to. Despite this, it works well and is quite fast. From my point of view, it is always a better option than the fingerprint reader on the side.

It is a powerful mobile with 5G connectivity.

The performance of this OPPO Finds X5 Lite is suitable, and it is thanks to its combination of the MediaTek Dimensity 900 —which also ensures 5G connectivity— along with 8 GB of RAM that can be expanded using the virtual RAM option, which can be 2, 3 or 5 GB.

There have been no problems in daily use with productivity applications, social networks, and Internet searches. Although it is not the fastest mobile in the world, it does a good job, although it is true that there are times when it suffers a little pull.

OPPO Find X5 Lite Watch

If you want to play on your mobile, it will also be possible to try titles like Call of Duty or Asphalt with good image quality; however, it is not comparable to the experience offered by a gaming or high-end mobile—everything it has to be said.

Its design is striking but not very authentic.

Even though the mobile has a great design, when I saw it, I could not get it out of my head that I have seen this design —with some slight differences— in another smartphone of the company, as well as realme, which the group also owns from OPPO.

One of the examples is the realm 9i that we reviewed recently. In this, there are subtle changes such as the location of the third camera sensor, and except for that, it is a similar mobile. The same goes for the realme 9+ and 9 Pro.

There is nothing wrong with it since it has pretty interesting aesthetic lines, and the colors differ from those offered in these devices. In this case, the version we are analyzing is blue and black.

OPPO Find X5 Lite volume buttons

This OPPO Find X5 Lite has a slightly curved back at the edges that helps grip the mobile in terms of ergonomics and provides a comfortable experience in the hand when you use the device.

Its camera module comprises two large sensors and a smaller one located in a rectangular module in the upper left part of the rear.

The edges are slightly rounded, choosing not to follow the trend of many current manufacturers.

OPPO Find X5 Lite selfie camera

On its front, the camera is in a hole in the screen in the upper left of the mobile. A position that at first becomes strange due to the notification icons, but you get used to whatever suits you. As usual, the lower frame is slightly larger than the rest either.

The colors of this OPPO mobile make it stand out quite a bit since they are pretty exciting gradients that play with the lighting to offer various shades of heat. In this case, it is the blue version that we have analyzed.

Color OS 12 brings you value and many options.

The Chinese company’s customization layer has reached a stage of maturity in which it represents an essential asset for the company’s mobile phones due to its many functions. However, that does not make the layer perfect.

We have already told you about their possibilities’ similarities between realme UI 3.0 and Oxygen OS. Functions such as duplicating, cloning, and hiding applications stand out.

App cloner in OPPO

Color OS is, without a doubt, a point in favor of this mobile to which it adds value and allows you to do things like launching a floating sidebar with applications and more functions that are not available in the purest version of Android and that give you more possibilities as a user. Of course, the Android version of this mobile is still number 11, so it shouldn’t take long to update if you want to compete at a reasonable level.

Battery in OPPO

The company’s customization layer has many of the most exciting options for all kinds of things you can take advantage of. In terms of performance, it does not seem to be a burden or a burden.
Its photographic section is not one of its greatest virtues

OPPO Find X5 Lite camera app

We already told you that, even though you can take good pictures in many situations, it is not one of the best points of the mobile. This OPPO Find X5 Lite has a triple rear camera made up of the following sensors:

Main sensor: 64 Mpx f/1.7.
Wide angle sensor: 8 Mpx f / 2.2.
Macro sensor: 2 MP f / 2.4.

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