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OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G Review

Design: edge on the sides and glow

The Reno6 Pro 5G is an Android smartphone that, like its younger brother, plays on the back with a glow finish, although with the big difference that the front features the edge sides. keep reading the review.

The metallic side surrounding it is another of its specific details with an upper part similar in material to the back to present itself as a very elegant smartphone no matter where you look.

OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G design details

The camera module also enjoys a metal finish that shines when it reflects daylight or the environment it meets with Omni-directional lights.

Display: AMOLED

The 6.55 “screen of the OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G is more than good to look even a little more than its younger brother. The differences are not many, but for those with good eyesight, you may notice those extra nits.

HDR10 + with a refresh rate of 90 Hz is another of the highlights of this mobile that stands out in general aspects and in minute details that we give its importance from these lines.

AMOLED so that OPPO clarifies that a quality screen is important for any Android mobile that wants to stand out from the rest.


It does not shrink from anything, and the Snapdragon 870 chip makes its appearance here to make things very clear on performance. You can throw everything on it, and it can be seen on many occasions.

A chip that does a great job in managing the battery so that depending on the load we have of processes, it can generate a great user experience at all levels.

With its 12 GB of internal memory and that 256 GB of storage, it leaves the best flavors in the mouth to draw a perfect Android mobile in many aspects. In performance, he shows himself again to show strength.
Good photography and giving the note in video calls

We have to accent frontal photography with its 32 Mpx camera with Sony IMX615 sensor that makes video calls ideal with Google Duo, even when we do not have many light bulbs in the living room at night or night that table lamp low intensity.

If you are looking for a mobile for this type of need, the Reno6 Pro 5G meets perfectly so that we do not have to be looking for extra light, and quietly lying on the sofa, we can be with a loved one through a video call.

Another detail that we do not want to miss is the hybrid 5x optical zoom that works very well, although with its nuances.

Motion capture works on almost all occasions to take vehicles traveling on the road and how the OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G camera can stop time to collect them in our photographs.

Night photography also stands out for doing a great job in dynamic range and not saturating the photographs with exaggerated tonal values ​​to get closer to more realistic ones.

Of course, as we use the wide-angle in low-light scenes, we will realize the blur that occurs if we use the 5x optical zoom that falls short in certain shots.

In night photos, we have to play it safe with the main camera and pull the night mode in very dark photos.

Selfie photos in those low-light environments are not able to reflect the sharpness. They should be a bit bland.

Autonomy: 6 hours of screen

Fast charging is more than served with the OPPO solution that leaves us more than happy to know that in 5 minutes, it charges your mobile from 7 to 31% in 15 minutes and that it reaches 68%.

We are simply exciting these speeds to have our smartphones ready for our daily tasks with this digital life.

And while the OPPO Reno6 5G left us the feeling that the system, as well as apps and games of substance, exert great pressure on the battery, in this case, the Snapdragon 870 plays a great role so that that battery charged in just minutes takes us before hours and hours of use.

OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G battery status

The younger brother has a Dimensity 900 chip from MediaTek that does not work when a load of background processes rises, unlike the Snapdragon 870 that comes out very well.

We will be able to perfectly reach 6 hours of the screen in our day-to-day with this new OPPO mobile. Two chips from 2021 show the difference in how autonomy is managed, which is abundant in the Reno6 Pro and a little more deficient due to the MediaTek SoC’s work.

But what has been said, with that fast charge, we can almost give the same as long as we have nearby where to connect to the electrical network to our mobile.

Performance in games

We have tested Genshin Impact to see how this OPPO mobile does, and the truth is that it behaves very well even with a very high graphics level with FPS at 60.

Genshin Impact in high graphics

Of course, as can be seen in the screenshots, it takes the CPU and GPU to a use of 60-80%, which means that we will notice how the terminal gradually warms up as we play.

Graphics settings in Genshin Impact

We will have to assess the temperature in the environment where we are playing since in the middle of summer with high temperatures, our OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G mobile can suffer a bit, so going down to medium graphics, we can enjoy without major problems.

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