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PBJ Marketing Review

Develop a social media marketing strategy – the focus is on the user.

Several facets play a significant role in developing your social media marketing strategy. However, the focus should always be on the added value generated later for the user via your content. Because these ultimately give your own social media presence the right to exist and ensure that real successes can also be recorded in this discipline.

Reconciling the needs of your target group with the content, your own goals, and the overarching approach is the great challenge that every social media marketing strategy faces. It is also crucial for the later implementation capability that no system is developed here that looks good on paper but cannot be implemented permanently for various reasons. Therefore, a look at the team, its skills, and its availability should not play a small role in your own (preliminary) considerations.

Social media marketing goals

Defining social media marketing goals – this is how dreams are chosen correctly.

The goals of social media marketing can be diverse. As a rule, slightly different plans for this sub-discipline of marketing are recorded from company to company. You must find the supposedly “right” goals for your own company!

If a company starts with the topic, then the point of “consistency” – i.e., the regularity of your posts – can also be an excellent social media goal. There is also a big difference between whether a company wants to get more reach and brand awareness via social media or whether you are only interested in increasing your sales with the help of conversion campaigns. Both (partial) goals require their strategy.

Practical goals for your social media marketing can be:

  •     increase in range
  •     Increase Page Likes on Facebook
  •     Putting a face to practice
  •     increase brand awareness
  •     Address new target groups
  •     Increase sales / conversions / new customers
  •     collect feedback
  •     increase customer loyalty
  •     increase customer satisfaction
  •     Reduce ad spend costs
  •     employer branding
  •     Find cooperation partners
  •     Increase the number of reviews
  •     Increase discoverability and improve your SEO
  •     Place new products and services

Measuring success in social media marketing

Once the goals for the area of ​​social media marketing have been defined, the next step can be concerned with measuring success. Each team must decide what can be recorded as a success concerning its activities. Some strictly measure the reach achieved with their contributions and compare them with the numbers of past, classic marketing measures. The others make the success of their social media marketing dependent on a positive ROAS on Facebook or Instagram.

Depending on how the focus of your own company is designed, various social media activities can be target-oriented. It is essential to measure your progress continuously. This is the only way that constant changes and adjustments can be traced.

The Social Media Marketing Editorial Plan – a beneficial tool

The editorial plan belongs in every “toolbox” of a social media marketing team. An editorial program ensures overview, order, and continuity. The latter point, in particular, is significant for the success of your measures in this area! However, continuity can only arise where content is no longer published “spontaneously” and according to one’s intuition because the result of this approach is usually that the frequency of your contributions decreases with increasing stress in other areas.

An adequately maintained editorial plan helps your own company keep everything on track. For this reason alone, the editorial program should always be stored centrally and easily accessible to all people involved. In this way, relevant changes can be implemented promptly, and “flashes of inspiration” can be entered into the editorial plan. That way, nothing is guaranteed to go under!

The editorial plan itself should always be adapted to your own team’s needs. New columns can be added. Ideas that do not prove themselves will be deleted. Of course, there should always be rules regarding the work in the editorial plan itself. The more people work on a document, the more critical this point becomes. A “chaos” in the program – followed by unfinished tasks – can usually be avoided by assigning unique colors to each person!

PBJ Marketing Review

What Is PBJ Marketing?

PBJ Marketing offers a mix of paid media, website design, brand strategy, and full-service digital marketing services. This includes advertising on social media. They believe that social media as a marketing channel requires a strategic, data-driven approach to activation with targeting, messaging, and KPIs tailored to a brand’s audience and goals. Social media advertising campaigns are ideal for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and generating short-term sales. They focus on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Instagram ads for social media advertising.

PBJ Marketing uses Facebook user data to enable robust, conversion-focused audience targeting and create Facebook ads that deliver a brand’s message to the audience most relevant to the brand’s goals. PBJ Marketing focuses on Custom Audiences, using a four-step approach:

  •     A/B testing
  •     Appealing ads
  •     targeting
  •     Analytical tracking

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