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Poco Watch Review

Smartwatches are permeating more and more layers of society. Just like mobile phones three decades ago, they have gone from being something a few people use to being something normal in everyday life. Of course, paying hundreds of euros for one of them has not yet become popular, so quantification bracelets continue to have a significant market share. That’s where wrist watches come in, like the Poco Watch, which mimics the design of an eye but is closer to the price and features of a brilliant band.


As this type of device is customary, POCO wanted to focus this watch on the sports section.
Poco Watch

It has two sensors on the back, one with a green light that measures the beats per minute of our heart and another red that does the same but with oxygen saturation in the blood.

In addition, according to the company, we have up to 100 sports modes compatible with the watch, some of them automatic detection.
Integrated GPS is great

The integrated GPS removes what quantification bracelets are capable of, which are worth less than this watch. This is why this watch may make sense, trying to offer this feature to those who run or walk, and want GPS positioning paying as little as possible.

Some users point out that the GPS takes a long time to the position, but in the tests we have done, we have seen that this is not the case, and in a few seconds, we had the watch ready to start.

In addition, the monitoring interface was very well thought out, with exercise numbers on the main screen, music control on the right side if we swipe, and exercise pause options if we swipe in the other direction.

My Fitness is still the app for everything.

To synchronize the phone with this watch, we will have to download Xiaomi’s new sports application, Mi Fitness, which we tested a few weeks ago.

It also allows you to change your faces on the clock. Once we load them into it, we can change them simply by pressing and holding our finger on the device screen in the central area, as in all smartwatches.

The operation is the same as in other products such as the Mi Band. We can check the history of measurements such as heart rate, sleep, etc.

The screen is top-notch for its price

The Poco Watch uses a 1.6″ AMOLED panel with a somewhat square shape and not too large bezels for the category of this smartwatch. The resolution is 320×360 px, not bad for what it’s worth.

On this occasion, we can leave the screen always active, with various designs available, although this affects the device’s battery significantly.

Poco Watch screen in the whole light

But the best thing is its readability even outdoors, where its brightness and OLED technology help. In addition, its response is very high when using a very light operating system that does not allow applications to be installed.

On the main screen, we can change the sphere’s design by employing a long press, giving our bracelet a more or less serious design.

It has the autonomy we expected

On the back, where the two light sensors are, there are also two metal pins used to charge the device with the cable that comes in the box. This cable has a USB A output so that we can connect it to any charger, but its length is short, and it seems designed to connect to a hub or a computer.

The promised autonomy is about 14 days, although we have reached ten days in actual use. This is in line with what is seen in other watches of the style. The autonomy will suffer as soon as we use the look a lot in full sun or with GPS.

Do we recommend the Poco Watch?

This market segment is as competitive as mobile, if not more so. That is why we believe that Poco’s bet makes sense from the point of view of quality price.
little watch

The price, of 89.99 euros, is somewhat high. Still, it is partly caused by the increase in demand for processors and other components, making practically all consumer electronics more expensive. In addition, we cannot forget the quality of the screen and the presence of GPS.

The problem is that there are brands like Huawei that have watches from past generations with functions very similar to those of this model, with a much superior design and a price that is only slightly higher.

The same goes for the strap, made of silicone, which does not bother the skin and does not seem weak but does not give an excellent feeling in terms of quality. But the biggest problem is that we can replace the strap,

but they don’t use a generic anchor, but their own.

The weight is meager, which is explained by the materials. Only 31 grams will make us forget that we are wearing it.

Let’s not forget the water resistance of this model, which, in most cases, is 5 ATMs, and we can submerge it up to 50 meters deep.
Poco Watch

Highlight the vibration system, potent, which prevents us from missing any notification.

The box’s perimeter only has a physical button, which allows us to enter the functions and applications section or return to the main screen. The power menu will appear if we leave it pressed for a few seconds.

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