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promoneum Review

goals and functioning

The goals of the SMM are usually lead generation, increasing reach, and online customer loyalty. Social Media Marketing Social media marketing can be understood as public relations and customer service. The first goal is to increase factors such as traffic, CTR, and reach. The next step is about long-term customer loyalty, loyalty, influencers, and viral marketing. SMM can be part of customer relationship management and includes social media advertising.

When social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Linkedin were created, it was not yet clear that they would also be suitable as PR and marketing tools. Social media was seen as low-yield and immature. However, with increasing user numbers, it became clear that companies cannot do without direct customer contact and the ever-expanding reach. Networks matured and grew in number – increases are also expected in the cost of social media marketing. Today, very different social platforms are used in the B2C and B2B sectors to achieve corporate goals.

Suitability for any company size

Social media marketing is an option for many companies and organizations. Your target group likely uses social media somehow – be it mobile with a smartphone or at home on a desktop PC or laptop. Portals such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, and Linkedin are among the most visited websites worldwide. However, if you want to do social media marketing, you should first define corporate goals and select a strategy. This includes appropriate platforms and networks, a content creation plan, and employees who can use social media as a customer service and communication channel.

Types of Social Media marketing

In social media marketing, two basic strategies can be distinguished, whereby the passive variant is often considered a necessary part of any marketing:

  •     Proactive social media marketing: Our content and user-generated content are created and distributed to achieve corporate goals. Active social media marketing requires the use of resources and budget and the organization of different channels in a multi-channel approach to increase reach.
  •     Passive social media marketing: External content is used to achieve the goals. Activities by users and market participants are recorded and evaluated by monitoring. This data is additional information that can be used for strategic and operational decision-making.

Benefits of social media marketing

The basic strategies mentioned above result in individual concepts that can also be combined. It is mainly about increasing awareness, better customer loyalty, improved access to the target group, and communication.

  •     Direct customer contact: Social media can be used to provide customer service. Customers contact companies by message, rating, or status post. If they react to this immediately or relatively quickly, there is a closeness to the customer that cannot be achieved in other media.
  •     Build interest groups: Groups, blogs, and forums can create networks characterized by common interests. Although this is only possible for certain products and services, such a gathering of users who are genuinely interested in the development and who can exchange ideas is almost only conceivable in social networks.
  •     Events: Concerts and events are a popular way of reaching customers, especially in the hospitality industry.
  •     Interactive Campaigns: Sweepstakes, coupons, game apps, and surveys are ways to engage potential customers.
  •     Sales and distribution: The sale of reduced products and other sales concepts can be realized here.
  •     Reputation, image, and authority: Providing well-founded information can build up expertise. Image and advertising campaigns serve to create a good reputation.
  •     Viral Marketing: Certain content encourages users to share. This content goes viral by being shared by many users. This can also be done in a targeted manner by so-called influencers.
  •     Search engine optimization: With the presence of social networks, so-called social signals can be sent to search engines. Profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Co. They are indexed mainly by search engines and 
  • They are displayed in the SERPs. High interaction rates (likes, comments, shares) are additional positive signals that let the search engines know that users find the offer attractive.
  •      Social media monitoring: Companies have numerous options in reporting and tracking. This data can be used in a variety of ways. For example, to better understand customers and increase customer loyalty. Or to implement brand monitoring.
  •      Traffic: Social networks are very good at attracting visitors to blogs or websites. Good content is, of course, a prerequisite for this.
promoneum Review

What Is promoneum?

Good ideas go far, and proven ideas encourage growth. promoneum is an award-winning agency that creates excellent ideas. Certified for WordPress, Facebook, Google Adwords, Amazon Advertising, and more, promoneum significantly impacts the web.

promoneum is a full-service digital agency working as a marketing department for growing brands. It offers comprehensive performance marketing services for e-commerce, apps, and corporate brands. They bridge the gap between people and products through end-to-end online marketing and promotional techniques. This premier agency has specialized in product launch, crowdfunding, and growth marketing for early-stage startups.

Services include, but are certainly not limited to:

  •     Market research and positioning
  •     Advertising design and web design
  •     Google and YouTube advertising
  •     Influencer outreach and public relations
  •     Social Community Management

We lead online brands to trust promoneum’s expertise in pay-per-click online advertising, conversion rate optimization, and strategic management.

promoneum bridges the gap between people and products with clarity, direction, and reach. It was developed based on tests and data. We bring your business to the right place at the right time. promoneum is a full-service digital marketing agency that understands online companies, consumer behavior, and the critical elements needed to help you scale.

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