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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review

We already had the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in hand in a first analysis that left us with many joys, and this time we come to convey what we have felt with this folding when we have lived with it for a whole month.

The taste of the mouth that it has left us is simply magnificent, and in a few words, we are before the first folding that invites us to another type of experience not previously lived with a smartphone to use. And yes, there was already a Galaxy Z Flip, but there is a lot of distance from that to this one. Let’s go.

The new mainstream folding experience

We will explain what we have felt in three well-differentiated sections to bring that new folding experience that becomes mainstream for the first time with the Galaxy Z Flip 3.
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3

This price drop will make many forget the monotony of years on Android and iOS with almost the same devices, although that news (which are not as important as they seem to be) traps us.

First of all, it should be mentioned that clamshell mobiles that fold had their great moment years ago with those Motorola that impacted the common public. Bringing that experience to an AMOLED screen from Samsung to reduce the price and thus convince anyone is in itself a winning bet.

The AMOLED screen

Not only for the fact that we are facing something new, well-spun in all its stitches, but it fits perfectly into our daily chores as we would never have thought before. Several adjectives come to mind every time we think of the Z Flip 3 after using it for a month, and that will serve to express what we have felt having it day after day.

How flexible it is, how comfortable it is, and that hybrid and the transformative part that it possesses —to become the best bedside clock you can imagine, the best device for video calls when placed anywhere in the world. The kitchen—, takes us to other previously untrodden paths.

A video call on the Galaxy Z Flip 3

Here Samsung has hit the nail on the head so that video calls, already being a daily thing for millions of people worldwide, can be enjoyed like never before with this terminal.

That hybrid part will be a real mine for other companies that bet on other alternatives to approach the user with a folding.

Like the hybrid in the Samsung folding, it is closely linked to the use of a front screen, vital on the other hand for the existence of this folding. This will prevent us from opening it many times a day.
The flexibility of the Z Flip 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 offers many perspectives and perspectives. Depending on the type of user, it will adapt to his needs, and that hybrid part will do its thing to dazzle him.
Galaxy Z Flip 3 half-open

The flexibility and comfort it offers are unparalleled. You will get used to closing it without hesitation to carry it in the back pocket of your pants or the same bag so that it hardly takes up space and is not annoying junk due to its weight.

And the thing is that there almost comes a time that you don’t even realize that you carry it with you. When you open it, a mobile device brings you a 6.7 “AMOLED screen that looks great.

That same action will provoke the attention of the people around us so that they stare. It is a mobile device that grabs anyone who takes a look at it for the first time.

The viewfinder on the bottom of the Z Flip 3

And they ask how it is, what kind of experience it gives, and if it is worth it, and of course, it is worth it.

That flexibility of the Z Flip 3 will be noticeable more than ever when you have to go back to an average smartphone, one of those rigid, bland and very long ones.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 takes us to three positions. One is folded to use its front screen, another is to leave it almost in a V-shape open to hide it from other people’s eyes or when we put it on a surface, and another when it we extend to the maximum to leave it in the most basic format.
Half-open showing its flexibility

On the other hand, we have the front screen that prevents us from opening and closing the Flip many times during the day, although this act will become an everyday thing to even boast with bombastic gestures.

And that flexibility is borne out by when we receive a WhatsApp message, click on it on the front screen, and read it and then respond to it. Pressing the answer button, a window will appear indicating that we open the mobile so that the app is there.

The Z Flip 3

The front helps us know the time, read notifications, use the stopwatch, play our favourite music or even know our health status through the Samsung Health app.

But the best thing about it being so flexible is that in the end, you will end up opening it like an ordinary act that many have already done in their day with shell-type mobiles.
The hybrid

This ability brings us to a Transformers type mobile that when we fold it before getting into bed, we place it on the table and through its front screen, we can see the time and notifications (we recommend using the green tone) become a table clock.
Transformed into a nightstand clock

Or that identical Google Duo that exemplifies the hybrid of this foldable, conveniently updated, which places the interface elements such as the buttons in the lower half for filters, blur and others, and the video call viewer in the upper half.

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