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Samsung M5 monitor review

Samsung M5 monitor review: more than an extra screen

"It is worth considering the purchase of this Samsung monitor because it makes a difference in productivity and entertainment."


Smart display options
Remote control for better control
Various entrances and ports


No possibility of adjusting the screen height
Only reaches Full HD resolution

Not only does the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 present itself as an attractive display for those looking to work at home more efficiently, but it also doubles as a smart TV. We tested it for a few weeks, so in the following review, we dive right into its attributes and the opportunity points presented to it.

Samsung M5

At first glance, Samsung’s LCD monitor doesn’t look that different from other proposals: 27-inch size and Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). In addition, its design does not allow the panel’s height to be adjusted, so it may require that it be placed on a base so that it is in a good position of the view of people.

Of course, in its back part, it incorporates a pair of HDMI (2.0) – one of them is ARC – and two USB ports, so it can be connected from the laptop to a flash memory with photos and videos.

Nor is it a minor thing that a remote control comes in the purchase package. It is an element that more state-of-the-art monitors should include because it facilitates its operation.

Finally, related to its design, the integration of an audio system stands out —more powerful than that of other displays of its kind—, which can be good news for those who want a “cleaner” desktop, without so many peripherals.


It is almost a fact that the monitor will be used as a second screen of our laptop, but it is also efficient to directly access different entertainment platforms, such as HBO Max, YouTube, Netflix, Star Plus or Spotify.

We had the opportunity to integrate via HDMI a MacBook Air with the M1 chip and a Huawei MateBook 13s for this analysis, and it is very convenient to display two windows on the Smart Monitor M5 simultaneously; they could be adjusted more (especially now that Windows 11 facilitates the process), although that will depend on the productivity needs of each one.

It is possible to go to the Samsung display settings – using the remote control – to select the best picture mode and the video source that you want to use at any given time. At first, the public interface seems a bit complicated, but it is all a matter of practice to make it seem more intuitive.

The display also has the option of communicating a laptop wirelessly, which we could do with the MateBook 13s. Even though it is AirPlay 2 compatible, the wireless link between the screen and the Apple laptop was impossible. Another consideration that must be taken into account is that there is some delay in the actions in wireless mode, and the displayed graphics do not reach the Full HD resolution.

Concerning entertainment, a laptop is not necessary to access streaming video platforms. The monitor lets you download video, sports and games applications, among others, by connecting to the internet and including the Tizen operating system.

What is surprising here is that, for example, when you run a subscription service, such as Netflix, HBO Max, or Apple TV Plus, you have more picture modes (dynamic, standard, natural, and movie) than when you use the monitor as a second screen (dynamic and standard).
Samsung M5

Likewise, the team lets run Samsung TV Plus (enabled for Mexico and Brazil in Latin America), a gateway to multiple local and international channels.

In this regard, the Smart Monitor M5 comes closest to a smart display for entertainment, as it relies neither on the computer nor on a media player to deliver people’s favourite video platforms.

By the way, viewing photos stored in flash memory – through one of the USB ports – is also pleasant. The viewfinder is intuitive and the colours displayed are clear and accurate.

For whom is it?

The Smart Monitor M5 will satisfy those looking for their first extra screen to integrate into their desk or work table, as they will find a display that also offers other alternatives for fun and entertainment.

Or, it is just over 6,000 pesos (around 300 dollars for a better reference).

Its remote control is another of its hallmarks since the last generation, and more expensive devices do not even contemplate it.

In conclusion, it is worth considering the purchase of this Samsung screen because it makes a difference when it comes to productivity and entertainment. Indeed, it would not have been a bad idea for the monitor to integrate a resolution higher than Full HD or for its design to allow the panel’s height to be adjusted, but perhaps this would have meant increasing its price.

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