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Socialgro Review

Social media marketing helps you show your business publicly and present it the way you want it to be. So it’s more about PR and public relations and less about attracting visitors to your website. While the two go hand-in-hand, you shouldn’t think of “lead generation,” “Traffic,” or “conversion” first and foremost.

Think about the people you reach out to with whom you want to get in touch. What’s the best way to build a relationship with this person? What would this person be interested in about your company and your products? What would inspire the person?

Okay, but what’s in it for me as a company?

By positioning yourself in the social media channels not only as part of the community but also as a solution provider for the needs of your target group and as a source of inspiration, you will be remembered positively. If a person in your community buys your service/product, the person will think of your company and add it to the mental shortlist. So you’ve managed to get noticed. With the large selection of products and services on the Internet, this is an outstanding achievement and a prerequisite for completing a sale later.


Why Social Media Marketing?

Presence is the be-all and end-all for acquiring and retaining customers. Only those who actively publish news regularly will stay in the minds of potential customers. These are informative at best but not overly intrusive. Social media are probably the cheapest way to reach many stakeholders with little effort. Stakeholders are people or groups of people who are related to a process. For example, in this case, customers, partners, or interested parties.

Almost everyone had already created a forum account or seen or commented on a video on YouTube. We’re already talking about social media here.

However, social networks offer only limited customization options. So it makes sense to refer the stakeholders sooner or later to their landing page or to have them subscribe to a newsletter.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is an essential part of SMM. It describes the transfer of information in the shortest possible time. One usually speaks of viral marketing on social networks when the “share” function is used. If a user likes a post, he shares it with his friends, and they share it with their friends, which increases the number of people reached exponentially.

contact management

Contact management means registering those interested in your product – so-called leads – as such, analyzing their behavior, and ultimately converting them into customers. The term also includes customer loyalty.

This change from the interested party, who may not necessarily come to your site in a targeted manner, but also by chance while surfing, to the customer is called a conversion. It takes patience and know-how to complete a conversion successfully. The process is divided into so-called micro-conversions. These are specific sub-goals and primarily necessary steps to successfully sell a product, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a trial version.

email marketing

Email marketing is a very practical, albeit difficult to use, a technique for generating new customers. It is essential to weigh up precisely after what time and at what intervals the sending of newsletters or personalized emails is most effective and when it is too intrusive.

In email marketing, too, it is possible to have a large part of the work done by tools – such as the WordPress newsletter plugin or the free marketing software.

Socialgro Review

What Is Socialgro?

Socialgro Media takes its customers on the ultimate adventure. Socialgro is a unique adwords management and PPC management firm hired by over 550 e-commerce and service businesses. The ultimate goal for every client is to make their online advertising more profitable.

Socialgro has been offering:

  • Paid search and social networks for Google Ads and more
  • Conversion rate science to improve customer’s conversion rate
  • Tailored advice for teams and individuals

Through regular meetings, the group collects your feedback on the strategies they implement for you. This also gives you a feel for how your campaigns are performing. Communication is essential to the success of a campaign at Socialgro. The more communication and intelligence there is, the better the drives’ performance will be.

The Socialgro team brings the advertising experience and digital know-how, but you will always know your business and your audience’s unique behavioral dynamics better than we do.

Socialgro is also a leading digital marketing agency helping companies of all sizes achieve their advertising goals through innovative strategies. As a proven PPC leader, Socialgro has established experts to help businesses of all sizes and industries grow their results-driven digital marketing strategies.

Services offered by Socialgro include:

  •     Paid search and social media
  •     video advertising
  •     Remarketing and Retargeting
  •     Show banners
  •     Web Services and Analytics

Socialgro prides itself on delivering ROI-driven digital advertising solutions. This agency is dedicated to building lasting customer relationships with its friendly team. Speaking of customers, their customers include:

  •     Large companies
  •     medium-sized companies
  •     Small businesses and corner shops
  •     And everyone in between!

With a decade of deep digital marketing experience, the Socialgro staff have learned and made some crucial connections. As a Google Certified Premier Partner and Bing Ads Select Preferred Partner, employees regularly attend training sessions with our partners and participate in innovative beta testing of ads before releasing them to the general public.

Their team of account managers and executives are fully certified in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and the Bing/Yahoo ad network.

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