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UmiDigi Urun Review

UmiDigi Urun Review

The ideal complement for all those who want an economic smartwatch made with quality materials without sacrificing aesthetics and design. I will tell you how it has behaved during these weeks that I have worn it and if it is a good purchase option.

First of all, I would like to thank UmiDigi for sending us this smartwatch to analyze it and give our opinion. It is a fairly accessible device for its very tight price, since it ranges between 40 and 50 euros, although it can be obtained from 36 euros in specific offers. We will see if it is a good purchase option!

This model is the UmiDigi Urun, and it is available in 5 colors: white, rose gold, green, light gray, and dark gray. The one I have received is the dark gray called “Space Gray.” I did not expect it to be so beautiful and to be so well finished. I was quite surprised.

As for unpacking, it comes in a white box with the manufacturer’s name on the top lid. On the sides, there are two stickers with the model name, the color, the recycled stamps, the European conformity, and the manufacturer’s information. As you remove the cover, you see the smartwatch covered with a protective sticker on the screen. It already tells you that the upper button is used to turn the screen on or off and that the lower button is configurable. As soon as you remove said sticker, you realize that it is a smartwatch with a reduced price since you can see the exaggerated screen frames. As I was saying, the strap has a soft and pleasant touch, which is also easily interchangeable for 22mm wide straps.

Below is the user guide in multiple languages ​​, including Spanish, English, French, and Italian. I have to admit that I do not usually follow them or even look at them, but I have taken a little look at it, and I think that being with images and screenshots of the application in color can be helpful for all those people who have difficulty with the technology. A small 65cm long charging cable with a USB type-A end and a proprietary 2-pin magnetic charging plug. I would have liked more if the cable had been a little longer, although I admit that the cable takes up practically no space and is very comfortable to transport.

Design and Materials

As I anticipated, this UmiDigi Urun has a design and a finish worthy of watches that have much higher prices and are made of aluminum alloy, plastic, and a very comfortable silicone strap. Being a smartwatch with a fairly moderate price, I expected something with a worse aspect. However, my first thought was about the similarity it had with the latest Amazfit GTR 2. Something that I liked a lot.

The silicone strap has a nice smooth finish. In addition, it is very comfortable for sports activities. It is 22mm easily interchangeable. It has a small clip on the strap itself to remove it quickly and easily without the need for any additional tools. Here are some links so that you can take a look at a large number of straps that can be found for little money: Aliexpress and Amazon.

It is a circular watch with a 44 mm diameter and 12.9 mm thickness and a lightweight of only 49 grams (26gr only the body). It has a 1.1-inch circular TFT LCD screen with 240 x 240 pixels and 2.5D rounded edges. The quality of the screen is more than enough for a watch that does not exceed € 50. It doesn’t have particularly vivid colors or sharp definitions, but the tactile response works well. What is most striking and that I did not like are the large frames of the dial. Despite being a budget smartwatch, I think they could have reduced those 7 or 8mm black frames considerably.

This UmiDigi Urun does not have a brightness sensor, so you must regulate the brightness manually. It has a configurable brightness of three levels, which in normal conditions, the medium level is adequate. Surely, in times of great brightness, such as summer, you have to raise the brightness to the maximum level to distinguish the elements on the screen easily.

The sides of the watch’s circumference are made of dark gray aluminum alloy with two buttons on the right side. One is located towards the top (on the number 2 of a traditional watch) and another towards the bottom (number 4).

The back of the pickup is made of rigid plastic. There clearly e you can distinguish a silkscreen with the brand and model of the watch, in addition to the origin of manufacture and a small logo. In the center is the PPG heart rate sensor and the blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor. The measurements that I have made with a heart rate sensor are practically identical to the measurements that I have been able to do with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which I have proven to be extremely accurate.

The strap buckle is metallic and has a small engraving where it says UMIDIGI.

This smartwatch is water-resistant up to 5ATM. This implies that we can perform daily tasks such as washing dishes, washing hands, showering, or even for those who do swimming, submerging it without worrying that it might spoil. However, they have not included any swimming mode.

Power and Hardware

I would like to know the hardware they have incorporated in this UmiDigi Urun. However, the manufacturer has not specified it anywhere. I can only tell you that it does not have internal storage to store the music like some other competing watches.

I was already commenting that it has a PPG heart rate sensor, blood oxygen, and a 3-axis accelerometer. The latter will serve, for example, to turn on the screen when we lift the wrist.


As I always say, it is a fundamental part of any device, since it can make us have a great device full of functionalities and good operation or just a nice “paperweight.” I will divide it into two parts, and the first will be where I talk about the application called “Paiactive” and the second the operating system of the watch itself.

Application “Paiactive”

As it says in the title, the application we must install on our smartphone is Paiactive. This will be in charge of communicating with our UmiDigi Urun through the Bluetooth 5.0 connection. According to the manufacturer’s website, it can be downloaded for free in the Google Play application store and is compatible with devices with a version higher than Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0.

As you can see in the screenshots that I will leave you below, the application is intuitive and easy to use. If you have ever had a smartwatch or bracelet, it will surely remind you of the app that you had to use. At least, the ones I have tried have the same design, and if something works, why change it.

As a practitioner of any application today, and more so in the case of this type of application in which you record your physical activity, we must register and accept the terms and conditions.

The application has 3 main screens. The first call “Home.” All the data collected and measured by the watch, such as steps, daily consumption of kilocalories, heart rate, blood oxygen, and hours of sleep. A complete menu will open with the most precise data collected during the day, week, or month by clicking on each of these functionalities.

On the second screen, called “Device,” it will be where we can access the clock settings, in this case, the UmiDigi Urun smartwatch. We can configure the notifications that we want to receive in it, configure the alarms, and enable the watch to measure the heart rate all day.

The third main screen, called “Mio,” will see links to the configuration guide, help center, etc. We can also access and modify the account data that we have created.


As for linking, it is very simple. It can be done from the “Device” screen, selecting the clock we have, or from the “Mio” screen, and after selecting “My device,” start it. You have to make sure you have Bluetooth on

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