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VASCO V4 Review

The design of the VASCO V4 is reminiscent of a smartphone, although it is lighter and more compact. It has a 5-inch colour touch screen and a simple operating system.

Looking at the right side, we will find that this device has three buttons. The first, from below, is used to turn the machine off and on, the second to activate the microphone taking into account that we speak in a specific language and the last one to do the exact mechanism as the previous one, but for when the other person says.


It is in charge of translating live and simultaneously the conversation between both people through the translator. In fact, it is specially designed for this mode since it integrates dedicated buttons to be able to activate the microphone of each one and, later, start translating in the corresponding language.

It takes very little time to “think” the translation and is entirely accurate. In this mode, we can translate up to 76 different languages.


A keyboard appears on the device’s touch screen through which we can translate phrases and single words. It supports up to 108 different languages.


We can translate the different texts we find through the device’s integrated camera. A functionality that is very reminiscent of Google Lens, but in terms of effectiveness, they have no point of comparison; in this case, the VASCO V4 is much more reliable. In this case, it is capable of identifying up to 90 different languages.

Group chat with up to 100 people

One of the best features of this translator is that it is compatible with an app, so you can create groups in the said app, and without the need for the other person to have this device, you can chat in your language while the device is in charge of translating it in real-time.

Up to 100 people who speak different languages ​​can enter these group chats, which can be very useful in certain situations, especially for large meetings or work groups.

Getting started in languages ​​is very simple and intuitive

This device also allows us to learn languages ​​through relatively short tests, with which we can gradually learn vocabulary. However, they are somewhat simple.

Even so, it is possible to start in up to 28 different languages; it is a very satisfying contact, given that even though it can make you dizzy at first, you get used to it. It makes you gain confidence in its use.

Sufficient autonomy

Although it is complicated to measure this type of device’s autonomy, it will give enough to fight a busy work day with several meetings in different languages.

It recharges very quickly through USB type C; logically, its autonomy is prolonged when we use the WiFi network. What has caught our attention is that, at least in our unit, the device begins to heat up when it is turned off. At the same time, the recharge is being carried out, and the percentage is not appearing to rise. Hopefully, it will be fixed with a software update.

These types of devices are beneficial but not for everyone. The translations’ accuracy is much more significant than that found in the vast majority of smartphone applications. Still, it is a device that will more than meet any language we put in front of it, regardless of the format and even if we do not have a WiFi network nearby.

In general terms, it is a device that is not perfect but fulfills its function well in all sections. It is much more reliable than other tools that we carry on smartphones.

Dedicated buttons make it generally very convenient and quick to communicate with other people without having to search through menus. Perhaps where we have been most disappointed is in terms of photographic quality. However, we understand that it is a complement and not one of the star functions of the device.

The operating system that this gadget has is based on Android. Now, it is straightforward, and there is no room for mistakes. As soon as you turn it on, a menu appears with the different translation modes and little else.

As far as the settings section is concerned, this offers us the possibility of using Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity if we do not want to use the included mobile data, thus prolonging the device’s autonomy.
Internet in more than 200 countries

One of the great qualities of this translator is that it has coverage everywhere, thanks to a SIM card that comes with a range worldwide, so you won’t have to worry about any type of monthly fee beyond the device in Yes.

In our experience, the truth is that we have had constant coverage. In specific situations where the device could not find a signal, it always offered us an answer using the dictionaries that it already has downloaded as standard, which we already told you about, which is much more reliable than Google translate.

Fast and accurate translations

The 0.5 seconds the manufacturer announces it takes to offer a translation is a bit risky data. In our tests, depending on the place and if we were connected to the Internet through a WiFi network or through mobile data, the truth is that the device takes between 3 and 5 seconds to offer the information.

It is a very prudent time; sometimes, it is even lower when we use some modes such as text. However, in those that cost him the most, it was so much in conversations, where the time is somewhat superior but just as precise.

Something similar also happened to us when we took a photo of a text. However, this time, it may be due to the quality of the image, which is somewhat lower than we expected. Even so, it is enough to be able to translate the menu of a restaurant where there is a minimum of light.

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