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Vivo IQOO PRO Review

The black box is striking and has the model’s name at the top. At the bottom is the characteristics written in Chinese. We see what it is about the “PRO” version.

Being a Chinese model, it does not have the CE logo (European Conformity) that indicates that it meets the legal and technical minimums in terms of safety to market in Europe.

As we open it, we see the terminal wrapped in a piece of plastic at the top. Underneath is a box, and inside it comes: an instruction guide, the key to open the SIM card slot, a flexible black TPU case (of excellent quality), and the power cable.

Further down, we have one of the stars of the set: the 3.0 current charger (Chinese version) from 5V to 2A / 11V to 4A of output and 44W of power. Along with it comes in-ear headphones of sufficient quality to enjoy your music.

Design and Screen

This terminal maintains the aesthetics of its predecessor. It measures 75.7mm wide, 158.8mm tall, and 9.3mm thick, weighing 218g without a case. In addition, it is made of glass and aluminum, which makes it very elegant. The front part stands out for its drop-style notch (top tab with the camera) that occupies a minimal amount of the screen. The frames are pretty thin, and the usable screen area is 83%.

The screen quality is excellent. It mounts a 6.41-inch **Super AMOLED panel with a Full HD+ resolution of 1080×2340 pixels, and the density of pixels per inch is 402. It is a screen with rounded corners. The aspect ratio remains at 19.5:9.

Like the standard version, it has no resistance certificate: neither waterproof nor Corning Gorilla Glass certified. That is why it is recommended to put tempered glass.

The quality of the screen is quite good as the colors are very intense (100% NTSC), and the brightness is also more than sufficient (I don’t think it is necessary to strain your eyes). In addition, the software allows you to calibrate the screen colors and has a “reading” mode to protect your eyes.

And how could it be otherwise? This Vivo IQOO PRO has an on-screen fingerprint reader that works quickly and accurately. It is not necessary to press (supporting the finger is enough). In addition, unlocking with tempered glass is almost as fast, although I would advise setting up a different fingerprint with the glass on. It also opens with a bit of water (you can see it in the video).

As I mentioned, unlocking with facial recognition is also very fast.

At the rear, it is exquisite. In the upper left area, three cameras are placed vertically and with a double LED flash just below. The lenses do not protrude from the phone’s body, and with the case that it comes with, it fits perfectly. The model’s name appears in bright letters on the same line and below.

The back edges have a slight curve, making it more comfortable to hold.

Worse, what is most striking about this terminal are the sides. There is a central button on the left side with “Jovi,” a Vivo voice assistant. On the contrary, on the right side is the volume up and down button, the on and off switch, and at the ends of the sides, there are two touch buttons (R1 and L1) to play. This is configured in game mode to have two more buttons (you can see it in the “Gameplay Test” video).

At the bottom, you have the USB type C (reversible), the stereo speaker, the microphone, and the slot for the nano-SIM cards on the left. On the contrary, there is only the 3.5mm Jack connector at the top for the headphones.


Unlike the Vivo IQOO, this new version comes with Android 9 Pie but with the Funtouch 9.0 OS customization layer. As with Oxygen OS, it is an updateable version via OTA (automatic update via notification). It is a ROM with several languages, including Spanish and English. However, some applications and parts of the terminal come in perfect Mandarin Chinese.

This operating system comes completely clean with few and no third-party apps. It also includes Google services to use the Google Play app store. It should be mentioned that it does not include other Google applications; if we want them, we will have to download them manually from the Play Store.

On the other hand, if we don’t like this “launcher” or theme, we can change it by creating a Vivo account. To do this, we recommend using a computer to enter the email as if we use the mobile phone number, and it will give us a location error (it only allows Chinese or Indian numbers). We leave you a link if you have doubts about how to do it.

But in its main settings menu, it brings more things:

On the one hand, it has the screen navigation settings to configure the gestures with which we will interact on the screen. In addition, it has a high-performance mode called “Monster Turbo” (which I think is not even necessary to enable it because the performance is already very high).

We also have an option to clone applications to have an application with two different accounts, although this is very limited to specific applications. For example, we cannot clone WhatsApp, which would be one of the most interesting.

In the security and screen lock section, it brings an on-screen fingerprint reader, which works well and where you can add up to 5 fingerprints. This one works even with water. It also has facial recognition that works well and quickly (even in low light). With sunglasses, it also unlocks us.

unlock test

In addition, as in the previous version, we find the “Game Mode” option that allows us to optimize games by blocking notifications, optimizing the data network, and allowing us to configuring the touch buttons.

Despite having passed the Malwarebytes antivirus and detected several malicious applications, there is no need to worry since they are applications in Chinese, they do not pose a danger.

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