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Vivo V21 5G Review

Vivo V21 5G, review: a battery that falls in love and enviable selfies

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Offered by Xiaomi
With this new Xiaomi featherweight, you will show off your design (without giving up the battery) With this new Xiaomi featherweight you will show off your design (without giving up the battery)

Vivo is beginning its expansion in Spain and the new Vivo V21 5G is one of its main weapons to carry it out. A terminal wants to be the selfie king but does not renounce raw power, AMOLED technology, or good autonomy.

This Vivo V21 5G passes through our analysis table, a commitment to photography in the front camera, full connectivity, and a design quite different from what we are used to.
A very striking design and good screen

What color is this Vivo? Of many.

The Vivo V21 5G can enter more or less through the eyes at the design level, but it is a well-built mobile. The back is finished in plastic, but the paint (in changing colors as the sun hits it) is matte, so it has a good grip, and no fingerprints are left. The terminal, in addition, is quite light, with 176 grams of weight and less than 16 centimeters high, a respite in the times.

The construction of the keypad is quite solid, the start button being somewhat rough so that we can find it better. We also liked the height of said button panel since we reach all the buttons with just one hand, something not very common in mobiles of more than six inches.
Image 9018
That notch is distracting even when we’ve been using the phone for hours.

The weak point is the front. The frontal use is 84.8%, , but the drop notch is not typical of mobile in this price range. It is quite large and distracting when we use the phone, no matter how much we try to get used to it. In addition, despite the almost 85% front use, the bezels are quite generous.

The screen is quality, with Full HD + resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and AMOLED technology. The viewing angles can be improved, and we miss a bit of extra brightness outdoors. However, it is a screen worthy of a mid-range, in which we especially appreciate the size of 6.44 inches compared to the standard of 6.67 or more. This panel is large but can be used with one hand.
We only found a speaker at the bottom of the device, low power, and very fine quality.

When it comes to sound, we’ve been a bit disappointed. In mobile, in this segment, we expect a double stereo speaker and higher sound quality. The single speaker on this Vivo doesn’t sound very loud, it lacks the bass, and the overall quality is very fair. We also do not have a headphone jack, so we will have to resort to the USB-C port or sound via Bluetooth.
Excellent performance and unexpected autonomy

Performance is one of the strengths in this Vivo.

Vivo has opted for the MediaTek Dimensity 800U to provide its Vivo V21 with power and 5G. In addition, the device comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The performance of the device is excellent, without a trace of lag, and quite fluid. It can handle heavy games like Genshin Impact on medium settings and doesn’t get too hot. The Density series by MediaTek is far from Helio, so it is becoming a sure thing to find a processor of this type.
In addition, this processor is accompanied by FuntouchOS 11, a customization layer that mixes Asian touches with Android Stock. The launcher and the status bar are those of Android Stock, although the settings are quite Asian. We have, yes, many customization options, especially those related to gestures.
The Vivo’s battery is spectacular. It reaches 10 hours of screen.

If we talk about the battery, the Vivo V21 5G leaves us with our mouths open. “Only” it has 4,000mAh, but the consumption is worthy of mobile with more than 5,000mAh. We have managed to reach 10 hours of the screen in two days of use, and even heavy use can’t drain it. To put you in context, we have made a motorcycle trip with Google Maps active, the mobile connected to a Bluetooth intercom, maximum brightness, and 4G. Consumption in almost two hours was 20%. The fast charge is 33W and charges it in just one hour.

A camera we expected more than and a welcome OIS

The Vivo V21 5G rear camera is 64 megapixels and differs from its rivals by the optical stabilizer. It is accompanied by a macro of two megapixels and an ultra-wide-angle of eight. The selfie camera, which we will discuss later, also has OIS and shoots at a resolution of 44 megapixels, without Pixel Binning. Let’s see, before analyzing the results, how the camera app works.

The Vivo camera app is not very intuitive, although it works fast. For example, to activate the ultra-wide-angle, we cannot do it by clicking on the classic 1X icon to make it go to 5X, but we have to look for the small “lens” icon and change it from there.
Live Daytime

During the day, the photographs of the Vivo V21 can be improved. We liked working with HDR, but the colors are not true to life, and there is hardly any detail. This is mainly due to the processing algorithm, which washes images a lot, even in broad daylight. The photograph’s final look is attractive, but we expected more from mobile in this price range.
Daytime Live 2

The HDR gives some problems with the skies, which can get burned even when the phone automatically activates the high dynamic range mode. The shadows do not lift them excessively either.

The ultra-wide-angle gives us a little more of the same. The result is not bad, but it can be improved. We find a lack of sharpness, a lot of edge distortion, and a sufficient experience, but not noticeable.
No Night Mode
Photography in automatic mode.

At night the results are acceptable, but they are still somewhat strange at the level of colorimetry. We liked that the detail is relatively good, without washing the scene to reduce noise.
Live Night Mode

Photography in night mode.

With night mode, we gain a lot in brightness, so we recommend activating it whenever possible. Photography is no longer off, and colorimetry improves since we achieve more vivid colors according to their representation.

Live Portrait

The portrait mode washes the face, even removing the beauty mode, and it is somewhat artificial. We can obtain decent photography, but the precision in color and treatment of the skin are not its strongest points.

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