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Volume Nine Review

What is actual influencer marketing? An essential part of any social media marketing strategy!

A guide to social media marketing would not be complete without mentioning influencer marketing. This topic has pushed itself too much into the focus of the local social media landscape in recent years. Not only the sums invested by companies in influencer marketing have increased. Influencers are also getting better and more effective when delivering leads to the commissioning company and introducing them to new target groups.

With influencer marketing, a company relies on the “followers” ​​of the selected influencer. Influencers have mastered building a large community that interacts with their content. It is precisely the keyword “interaction” that makes influencers so interesting for companies. Because a good influencer has a lot of influence – the English translation of the word “influence” – on its community. The assumption in this context is that the influencer’s request to buy their own company’s products will lead to increased sales and new fans.

While this sounds simple and obvious, choosing the supposedly “right” influencer is a tough nut to crack. It is essential to analyze the number of followers and the composition of the influencer’s target group. The interaction rate and the authenticity of the followers should also be checked. Last but not least, it is, of course, also about finding clever content ideas that the influencer can use to stage their products creatively. So it’s no coincidence that there are now influencer marketing agencies that deal exclusively with these topics!

Social Media and Marketing

Outsourcing social media marketing to an agency – when does it make sense?

It can make sense to outsource the topic of social media marketing to a social media agency. However, only if the framework conditions are right! Because even an agency will not be able to take social media activities to the next level if it does not receive any content, information, and “insights” from the commissioning company. Social media marketing is rarely the “sole savior” but rather a piece of the puzzle in a holistic (online) marketing strategy.

Cooperation with a social media agency is about defining precise tasks and processes. This is the only way the commissioning company is actually relieved and actively supported in everyday life. In a monthly collaboration, working with an editorial plan is essential. Upcoming posts and open points or content still to be delivered are defined here.

Furthermore, it is advisable to choose a central place of cooperation. Dropbox, for example, is ideal for this. Here, too, standard processes are usually defined. The social media agency knows that new image material in the “Ideenkiste” folder can be processed into content without any queries.

When does outsourcing to a social media agency make (less) sense?

Clearly: if the capacities are available in your team, it is always advisable to do social media marketing yourself. After all, no one can convey the identity of one’s own company better than the team of one’s own company itself.

Of course, external impulses from a social media agency can also be helpful in this case. In this way, an objectively thinking “sparring partner” can not only question things in joint brainstorming sessions but also provide new ideas for content.

It can be just as valuable to outsource the essential parts of social media marketing and “eat up” a lot of time. This is where topics like image editing, graphic creation, and social ads come to mind. If there is a lack of internal “know-how” on individual subject areas, a social media agency can provide product support without the company giving up the rudder completely – an actual “win-win” situation!

Volume Nine Review

What Is Volume Nine?

Volume Nine is a digital marketing agency with experience in social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. They help you tell your brand story, create brand awareness, and build your brand from the ground up.

What can they do for you? They can handle all aspects of your social media marketing, from influencer campaigns to advertising. They start by creating a strategy for your brand, keeping your goals and brand values in mind.

They also take care of content creation, distribution, and promotion across various social media channels.

Here are the primary services they offer:

  •      Social media audit
  •      Social Media Management
  •      Influencer engagement
  •      Advertising on social media

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