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Watch Phone Z6 Review

A very large and informal looking smartwatch to be review !

The immo Watch Phone Z6 is not a smartwatch for children that want to go unnoticed ! If you are looking for that, you will be in a surprise.

This advanced watch is a considerable size, even for an adult’s wrist. In a child, its presence is very evident, but the reason is worth it for its benefits.

At the design level, this immo Watch Phone Z6 does not seek to be stylish or run away from the appearance of a children’s watch. In not very flashy colours, the casing conveys the idea of ​​robustness, and indeed that is how the watch turns out.

Despite that, the immo Watch Phone Z6 is not heavy (66 grams), nor is it uncomfortable to carry. In our tests, the two minors our review team tested have used it even at night without any discomfort. The band, made of TPSIV (Vulcanized Silicone), has not irritated their skin or caused any itch. And it washes off very easily.

In this regard, the immo watch offers IPX8 protection that makes it a waterproof watch and allows minors to wear it in the pool without fear.

In concepts of design, the immo Watch Phone Z6, it should be noted that the charging port of the magnetic pogo type is located at the back, but for it to be released, we must fold down the screen. We will do it with the help of a connector that frees it from a kind of frame associated with the strap.

Also, when we lift the clock screen, the slot for the nanoSIM card that gives connectivity to the clock is accessible.

There is only a button on the right side for connectors or physical controls to activate or deactivate the screen. The rest of the controls go through touching the clock screen.

Great performance and good screen

One of the strengths of the immo Watch Phone Z6 is its screen. It has a considerable size of 1.41 inches, as well as good resolution (320×360 pixels). For the main use of the watch, it is very remarkable.

The quality of it in terms of the display is also very high. We are talking about an AMOLED panel with Gorilla Glass protection that looks perfectly both indoors and especially outdoors.

To highlight brightness, which can be adjusted manually in the clock options , with about five brightness levels.
The tactile response to the touches and gestures of this immo Watch Phone Z6 has nothing to envy that of the “adult” smartwatches.

The screen is a multi-point touch screen, and its response in our tests has been excellent. Both the gestures on the sides to slide the notification panel (from above) and access to applications or the phone function (right and left, respectively) are made easily and without failures.

The clock interface is pretty concise. Numerous applications come standard, too many (some of them can be uninstalled), including the usual messaging, camera (photo and video), app store (only a couple of them available), alarm clock, schedule or stopwatch, among others.

The video call: the great option of the immo Watch Phone Z6

How bulky the Emma Watch Phone Z6 can seem is quickly forgotten after the first video call. The particular design of the watch has its way and is the key to the user experience with this smartwatch.

As we have indicated, the design of the immo Watch Phone Z6 includes a dual camera with a folding structure that highlights the watch. The mechanism, easy to activate and very robust, allows the gesture of making a video call to be more natural.
With the folding screen, the video call can be made from a more natural gesture than raising our arms and placing the camera in front of our face.

When the child wants to video call his parents or contacts allowed in the application, the child only has to raise the screen, and the watch can remain at a natural height and position—nothing to place the watch in front of the face and with the raised arm.

Calls quality with the front camera (5 MP, 84º and aperture f2.2) is quite high, and the sound, clear and loud.

The good work of the front camera is accompanied by the rear, hidden under the screen and that we can use when the case is raised. The sensor is 8 MP, with the same f2.2 aperture, 1.12 μm pixel size and 84º wide angle.
In addition to the video calls quality, both in image and sound, the dual camera allows you to see the child’s environment in the same call.

That camera, in addition to taking photos of a certain quality (when there is light) to be talking about a watch for children, allows you to use one of the features that I liked the most about this watch: an image of the child’s environment when they perform a video call.

Video call interface

When we are making calls, in addition to the information on the geolocation of the watch, there is an option that activates the second camera to be able to have a real-time image of the child’s environment. In good light, the image quality is also acceptable. Somewhat less indoors or at night.

The product complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and stores encrypted data securely in Europe regarding data privacy.
I am the father of the only student in the 14-year-old class who does not have a mobile

The app: half-way terminal management

The management and configuration of the immo Watch Phone Z6 go through its corresponding application, available for both iOS and Android devices. There is no difference between the two applications.

The available options are quite a few, but the interface seemed to me to be improved. Mix direct options such as chat with the configuration, and we have found the odd error in the translation into Spanish of small messages or notices.

A complementary function to the location, called security areas, allows us to determine a “safe” area for the minor and the clock to warn us if the child leaves it; sounds great ?. But the implementation has not been by location via GPS sensor but by coverage of a Wi-Fi network, so, in most cases, it hardly serves to “fix” the safe area at home, where we can indicate the Wi-Fi network to which the watch must remain tied.

Regarding autonomy, we cannot wait more than 2-3 days of use without charging the terminal, always depending on the use made of calls and video. Given how much inside the watch and that it works under its layer that personalizes Android Wear, it seems to us a correct autonomy but always with the warning that it is for children and we must be attentive to the fact that charging is carried out in a usual way (it takes about 100 minutes to complete).

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