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WebFX Review

Arguments against social media marketing

If implemented sustainably, the discipline of social media marketing has the potential to increase the sales of your own company. However, despite the pertinent arguments “in favor of” social media, there are at least as many reasons against the integration of corresponding social media marketing measures into one’s own company.

So “time” is usually the first limiting factor. Suppose your company has no time to interact with users on the platforms. In that case, social media marketing makes no sense because that is precisely the core idea behind multi-path communication between users and companies.

Integrating this sub-discipline can also be critical if the team’s day-to-day work is disrupted in the long term or the effort required for content production is disproportionate due to the lack of skills. If you don’t have the financial means to hire someone to do it, there are many arguments against social media marketing. Because without appealing content, the goals of one’s own company can usually not be achieved on social media.

Possible advantages of social media marketing measures

Once integrated into your strategy, social media marketing offers your company many advantages. However, it should be mentioned that most of these advantages only come into play if your own social media activities are running consistently over a more extended period because there are no shortcuts in this marketing discipline either.

Some of the benefits that social media marketing can offer include:

  •     The ability to cost-effectively reach new audiences
  •     Increase reach within existing target and customer groups
  •     Sustainably increase the brand loyalty of existing and future customers
  •     Initiate product innovations through direct feedback from your community
  •     Collect new content ideas and integrate your strategy
  •     Improve the company’s complaints management system
  •     Communicate directly and personally with your target group
  •     Implement, evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns effectively and cost-effectively
  •     Sustainably increase the company’s turnover

Of course, the sub-area of ​​social media marketing is not a “jack of all trades.” This area also requires a holistic strategy, exciting content, and a precise understanding of the needs of your target group. If you combine all these sub-areas – and if you are not above constantly questioning and readjusting your strategy – this sub-area can become a very profitable one. Here, too, you have to earn success!

What should you pay attention to when it comes to social media marketing?

Good social media marketing thrives on creativity, intuition, and, of course, continuity! However, this does not mean that creative content alone is sufficient to achieve sustainable, relevant success. In this sub-discipline of modern marketing, there are also a few points that must always be considered.

Probably the most important: each social media platform speaks its language! You have to be prepared for this. Otherwise, your content will most likely come across as mute recipients!

Create a post for Facebook and then copy and paste it to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn? Such procedures should be avoided in any case – even if it looks first as if you would save a lot of effort per week!

Be sure to check each social media channel for its usefulness on a case-by-case basis!

Just as you shouldn’t treat every platform the same way, it is at least as important to evaluate each channel individually, with a close look at your company’s target group. Statements such as “Facebook is dead!”, “Instagram is only suitable for B2C!” and “Only children use TikTok anyway!” should not be blindly projected onto one’s own social media strategy.

Because often, such statements hide generalizations that, in the worst case, prevent the growth of one’s own company. If you want to get ahead with your social media marketing, you should always contact your picture! Better safe than sorry!

WebFX Review

What Is WebFX?

WebFX is a full-service internet marketing and SEO company providing innovative web marketing solutions to medium to large-sized businesses worldwide. The social media team is an expert in creating and executing a social media management plan that delivers the right message to the desired audience.

They offer five levels of social media management service:

  •     A social network for $900 per month with 15 social posts per month, six custom images per month and two ad campaigns
  •     Two networks for $1,300 per month with 30 social posts per month, eight custom images per month, three ad campaigns, two blog posts, and ad comment monitoring (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  •     Three networks for $1,500 per month with 45 social posts per month, ten custom images per month, four ad campaigns, two blog posts, and daily ad comment monitoring
  •     Four networks for $1,800 per month with 60 social posts per month, 12 custom images per month, five ad campaigns, four blog posts, one contest per year, and daily ad comment monitoring
  •     Five networks for $2,100 per month with 75 social posts per month, 14 custom images per month, six ad campaigns, four blog posts, one contest per year, and daily ad comment monitoring

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